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Halifax Regional Municipality was created in April 1996 as a result of the amalgamation of the cities of Halifax and Dartmouth, the town of Bedford and the municipality of the County of Halifax.

HRM is made up of 23 municipal districts, with each district represented by one Regional Councillor. The Mayor is elected-at-large. The municipality is governed by a Council and Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) form of government, which assigns all administrative responsibility to the CAO, who reports directly to the elected Council.

HRM's land mass encompasses approximately 5,577 square kilometres. That's larger in size than all of Prince Edward Island.

Hardiman CoveWith more than 200 communities, the municipality includes seaside villages, rural and farming communities, suburban neighbourhoods and communities and urban centres.

Statistics Canada reports that as of 2001, HRM's population is just over 359,000. That represents 40% of Nova Scotia's population and 15% of all Atlantic Canadians.

And we're growing ...

HRM Settlement - Click for a larger imageHRM is the fastest growing region in Nova Scotia.

The population of the region increased 26% percent from 1971 to 2001, growing from 264,421 to more than 359,000 residents.

The greatest percentage of this growth has been experienced just outside of the urban core, in the region's suburban and rural commutershed areas. Populations in both these areas have doubled since 1971.

Research projects that up to an additional 100,000 new residents will live and work in HRM by 2028. The Regional Plan will address issues associated with this growth.

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