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SWG 14-day Trial!
Fileplanet subscribers, play Star Wars Galaxies for up to 14 days. No credit card is required for the trial period. Take advantage of this offer at Fileplanet.
Death Watch Bunker
The Death Watch Assassins are up to no good. Boba Fett's spy network is up against them. Take part in a challenging new adventure zone, the Death Watch Bunker.
Friday Feature: Jedi Archives v.3
In this Friday Feature, players ask specific questions about the role of Jedi in Star Wars Galaxies. Plus, there are some great in-game graphics to go with the feature.

Kurt Stangl's Team Letter
Find out all about Kurt Stangl's long strange trip from being a kid in a movie theater watching the first Star Wars film to becoming assistant community manager on the Star Wars Galaxies team.

SWG 14-day Trial!
Fileplanet subscribers, play Star Wars Galaxies for up to 14 days. No credit card is required for the trial period. Take advantage of this special offer at Fileplanet.

Special E3 "Jump to Lightspeed" Trailer
A game trailer for the upcoming SWG space expansion was showcased at E3. Check out the LucasArts treatment at its finest. Note that the movies are viewable in two sizes: 320 X 240, and 640 X 480.

SWG Fan Films Wanted!
Art director Jake Rodgers is putting together a collection of SWG-inspired fan films. Join the Discussion.

SWG at E3!
The press had good things to say when previewing Jump to Lightspeed, the upcoming space expansion. For links to the previews, go here.

Report From E3
On the SWG Message Board, LucasArts producer Haden Blackman describes in great detail the Jump to Lightspeed demo as it was presented at E3, and unveils specific game features for the upcoming space expansion. Join the Discussion.

Get a New Look with Image Designing!
Visit an Image Designer, change your total body appearance, and give your character a image makeover! This week's Friday Feature covers the details of this exciting new MMO profession. The changes are on Test Center, and go live May 11th.

New Image Designer Screenshots
Community Relations Manager Kevin "Q-3PO" O'Hara just couldn't wait to show off some new Image Designer screenshots. Get a peak now then make sure to check out our Friday Feature at the end of this week for new information about the Image Designer.

SWG Wins Online Game of the Year!
Game Industry News just picked Star Wars Galaxies to be the Best Online Game of the Year!

Holocron Discusses MMO Economics
Sony Online Entertainment Chief Creative Officer and overall game design guru Raph "Holocron" Koster offers graphs, stats, and his insightful analysis of the economy's function within Star Wars Galaxies.

German Fansite's Dev Interview
Check out SWG-Database's interview with community representative Kurt "Thunderheart" Stangl. He discusses city redesigns, dungeon environment changes, and the smuggler profession revamp.

Lead Designer Kirk Black Q&A;
In SWG Vault's bi-weekly interview, Kirk Black discusses the game's mission statement, plus changes to the chat system and skill/certification system.

State of the Game Letter!
In his State of the Game letter, SWG senior producer Gary Gattis offers a detailed overview of upcoming publishes from Publish 8 to Publish 11. Check it out.

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