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Breakthrough product...a whole new category of audio-video interactivity - Jonathan E., MicroTimes.
 Most Innovative Prduct- MacroMedia Developer's Conference, October '94.
 Cutting Edge Award- Milia Palm D'Or, January '95.
 High-end MultiMedia!- requires 16M to run on Windows, 8M on a Mac!
 One of the top 100 CD ROMs in the world...-UK CD ROM Digest. "I wanted to plant a stake in the ground 8-10 years out and work my way back from there. The key thing is to develop scalable content that works on CD-ROMs today, and Interactive TV tomorrow. That's 'Meet MediaBand'.
-Marc Canter

Canter Cartoon
red Marc Canter...
green Meet MediaBand CD ROM...
yellow M ediaBand Construction Kit....
blue Meet GridLox...
pink MediaBar...
purple Macaroni Man...

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Canter Technology is a production entity, a publishing company and a holding company of rights and assets developed by Marc Canter and his team. It is a virtual corporation, with each member working out of their home. Check it out...

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