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10:30 AM EDT Jun 03


Broadcast: Nov 11, 2003

What smells like french fries and can power your car?

If you answered biodiesel, you're right. It's a fuel derived from plants like canola and soy that burns much cleaner than gasoline and traditional diesel.

Canola makes the best biodiesel and no other country in the world grows more canola than Canada. Yet, you can't buy biodiesel at the pumps in this country. You can in most other major industrialized nations.

There are those in Canada who want to change that. They argue that domestically produced biodiesel would go a long way to helping Canada achieve its commitments under the Kyoto Protocol.

But they're facing a hurdle. Currently, it costs about $1 a litre to produce the stuff — that's substantially higher than the cost of regular diesel.

The industry is calling for government help. They point to $40 billion in subsidies provided to makers of fossil fuels. They say a slice of that would go a long way towards making biodiesel far more available.

Recently the federal government unveiled a $1 billion plan to cut greenhouse gas emissions. Of that, $12 million was earmarked for biodiesel.

Marketplace profiles two men who go out of their way to run their cars on biodiesel and an industry that is growing frustrated in its efforts to grab a slice of the market.

Biodiesel - read on

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Canada is the only G-8 nation that does not sell biodiesel at the pumps

Canola makes the best biodiesel

800 acres of canola can produce 240,000 litres of biodiesel

Canada grows more canola than any other country

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