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Shoe Size (US) A width inches A width cm
  B width inches B width cm
Shoe Size (UK) C width inches C width cm
  D width inches D width cm
Shoe Size (PP) E width inches E width cm
  EE width inches EE width cm
foot length inches 3E width inches 3E width cm
  4E width inches 4E width cm
foot length cm 5E width inches 5E width cm
  6E width inches 6E width cm
This calculator is for men's sizes. Here are the formulas:
L = S * 1/3" + 7 1/3" where:
U = S - 1 L = foot length in inches
P = U * 4/3 + 31 1/3 S = US men's adult shoe size
D width = 3/8 of foot length U = UK shoe size
each width step = 3/16 inches P = Paris Points shoe size