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photographies added!

i've added a link to a photo-gallery of mine to the playground. i love flowers ;)

telltec relaunched and kicked

welcome to the the telltec project. i finally relaunched the telltec site now in a blog. there were several reasons to do this:
once i wanted to share my ideas and projects with other people and second i wanted to do this in a very updated way, so creating a blog was a very close idea. as i want as much as possible people to understand this site, i use the english language here. although of this i am not a english man, so please contact me if you find mistakes in writing.

some things to say about the new page:
i tried to keep the web standards. i hope this was a success. because of this, it is very recommended to use a standard compliant browser, such as mozilla firefox, which is available for almost every OS.

i hope you enjoy, aaron