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Single-source solution for claims, patient statements and predetermination of benefits.
Real-time tracking and reporting.
Easy, secure and HIPAA compliant.
24/7 access through any web browser.
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Revolution ONE is your single-source solution for Internet-based electronic dental services. Designed to streamline your workflow, improve your bottom line, enhance your relationship with your patients and help you achieve HIPAA compliance, Revolution ONE lets you access and manage your electronic information anytime, anywhere. All you need is an Internet-connected computer and a web browser. Please explore our services below and see why Revolution ONE should be your dental assistant on the web.

It's a well-established fact that electronic insurance claims increase cashflow. With faster payments, lower submission costs, reduced rejections and less paperwork, there is simply no reason not to submit your dental claims electronically. Revolution ONE takes e-claims to the next level by giving you real-time control over your turnaround time.
Are you still printing, stuffing, stamping and mailing statements to your patients by hand? Revolution ONE Patient Statements turns this hours- or days-long process into minutes. With just a few keystrokes, you can generate statements as often as you like and send them to Revolution ONE for processing; we'll take it from there.

In most cases, insurance carriers know exactly what the covered services and benefit amounts will be before a patient ever visits your office. Now you can find out, too, and easily create and submit preauthorized claims with Revolution ONE Predetermination of Benefits Requests.

The Revolution ONE CD-ROM is a permanent archival copy of your electronic activity. An entire year's worth of claim forms, patient statements, payer communications and reports in the palm of your hand, easily accessed using any computer with a CD drive and a web browser.

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