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Baronial News

  • Camping with Settmour Swamp at Pennsic

    If you plan on camping with Settmour, we need information about your tent(s), arrival date, placement, etc. Please print and fill out the Baronial Pennsic Camping Form (Microsoft Word document). Paper copies of the form are available from Baron Teric. Note: you will also need to have pre-registered for Pennsic with Coopers Lake Campground. That deadline was June 1st.

  • New Baronial Champions!

    Tournaments and competitions were held at Quest to select the new Baronial Champions. They are:

    Champion of Arms - Roderick of Hastings
    Champion of Fence - Pascual del Mar
    Thrown Weapons Champion - Sebastian Estevan de Xavier (formerly Xavier Matejka)
    Archery Champion - Jeannine de Bordeaux
    Bardic Champion - Matta a Bheithir
    Arts & Sciences Champion - Steven Peffley

  • Awards given at Mudthaw

    Their Highnesses Gaufred and Geneviere held Court in the name of their Majesties Balfar and Luna and gave the following awards:

    • Award of Arms to Draigun atte Maeldun

    • Burdened Tygers
      Rhiannon de Licorne and Merlynia the Faye
      (from Darius & Roxane, for the work on their Coronation)

    • Silver Crescents
      Alexander MacGregor

    Their Excellencies Teric and Paigan gave out the following awards in Baronial Court:

    • Bronze Towers (for service to the Barony):
      Lord Malcolm Bowman, Lord Lehoric Silverwater du Mer, Lord Draguin atte Maeldun

    • Iron Towers (for prowess or service in the martial arts):
      Sir Mitchell MacBain, Baron Irik Rodbjorn

    • Silver Tower (for exceptional service to the Barony):
      Yoshihara Kojiro Munemasa (Ko)

    All Settmour Swamp awards can be found on the Awards page


  • Donations of gear for Youth Combat program needed
    See the request from our Youth Combat officer.

  • From the Sinking Tower Pursuivant - Heraldry Project
    Our Baronial Pursuivant is working on a heraldry project for the Barony: an Order of Precedence and a listing (with pictures) of everyone's heraldic arms and/or badges.

    The Order of Precedence is a listing of the Baronial and Kingdom awards held by each person in the Barony. The collection of armory and badges will help encourage heraldic displays and provide a "cheat sheet" for scribes who are doing awards for Baronial citizens.

    If you'd like to be included in these lists, please e-mail Mistress Ailis with

    1. Your SCAdian and mundane names
    2. a list of SCA awards you hold
    3. the blazon or other description of your arms/badge. (Or, if your arms/badges have been already passed by the collect of heralds, let her know, and she can look them up.)

  • Check for news from around the Knowne World!