The Lantern™ Decompiling Plugin features:

  • Support for standard and non standard subroutines.

  • Support for Win32 PE executables running on the Intel x86 architectures.

  • Advanced general engine for translating single statements.

  • Condition Code propagation for translation of low level jumps into the more clear IF construct.

  • Automatic Call Tracer: the Lantern™ plugin will rebuild your calls (__stdcall).

  • Powerful COPY-PROPAGATOR: see your information propagated.

  • A database of well-known code sequences (idiom) is used for improving the output.

  • Heavy usage of information from IDA Pro: enumerations, structures, strings and names are preserved and used to generate better translations.

  • Support for long variables.

  • Auto commenting: Lantern™ will warn you of suspicious or erroneous situations directly while analyzing and will annotate translation with every needed information; also Lantern™ will often improve the listing with several semantic hints/comments.

  • Bring your comments from IDA Pro directly into Lantern’s output.

  • Powerful GUI with word processing abilities for documenting translations: copy, cut, paste, search your output for getting the maximum result.

  • Multi windowed GUI: you can have several instances of Lantern™ at the same time.

March 2004.

Lantern™ supports now multiwindowed environment under IDA Pro. You can have several instances of Lantern™ at the same time.