Issue #48, June 7, 2004

Free Music Downloads
Not just for pirates anymore
Today there are plenty of places to download high-quality, perfectly legal music files from up-and-coming artists and major label stars—all absolutely free! And when youíre ready to buy more of your newly discovered favorites, the EarthLink Jukebox, powered by Musicmatch, carries a huge selection of the latest and best pay-per-download digital tunes. Read on to find out about: Read the full article

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The Internet Explained
Quick & easy info when you want it
Whether you're an Internet veteran, newly online, or just want to learn about the Internet, it takes mere moments to visit our Internet Explained minisite. Topics include: avoiding spam, pop-ups, and fraud, different ways to access email, how to get started with EarthLink Parental Controls for your kids, and more! Read these short articles yourself and email them to friends.
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Build Your Own Blog
Give your two cents for free
Millions share their thoughts with the world every day through a Web log (or blog). Are you ready to start your own blog but donít know HTML from Run-DMC? Publish a blog in minutes using one of several ready-made free blog templates. Just pick the colors and styles you like and you'll be blogging in no time.

Rubber Band Ball
Large and in charge
17 pounds of pure rubber bands. The creator calls it "the biggest waste of office supplies in New Jersey." Check out the pictures, read the story, and peruse links to sites glorifying, that's right, other rubber band balls. You can even donate your spare rubber bands and be a part of the madness!
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Making physics fun
Lightspeed is a highly addictive puzzle game that challenges you to illuminate multiple globes by toying with gizmos that absorb, reflect, and refract an initial beam of light. Check out the free trial and master the elements! For the truly illuminated, the full version lets you create your own levels!
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Battle for Wesnoth—Mac OS X
Free fantasy/strategy game
Wesnoth is in chaos—it needs the strong arm of a hero to set things right. You are that hero! Capture villages, raise armies, battle bandits and brigands, and rule Wesnoth with an iron fist! Gain experience and abilities every time you vanquish a foe! Play alone or against others.
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Find cheap gas in your neighborhood
Looking to beat skyrocketing gas prices? is a network of sites throughout North America where everyday people post current prices at gas stations everywhere. Find the cheapest gas near you! Plus, sign up for a free membership and you can log your gas mileage over time, enter to win prizes, and help update gas prices.
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P.O.V.'s Borders from PBS
Webby winner—Best Broadband Site!
Don't miss this compelling, Web-original series about the borders in our lives and what happens when we sneak across. The current episode, Environment, explores gardening, hybrid cars, and why New Yorkers drink bottled water when their tap water is the safest in the USA. Curb Your Enthusiasm fans: watch an interview with Larry David. And see the site map for last year's episode: Journey.
Find folks to share your interests
1,000 cities. 4,000 topics. Looking for a poker game, yoga buddies, expatriate vegans, or a group that watches Buffy reruns? boasts over a million registered users who connect online, vote on a venue, and convene in real life. Browse by interest or zip code to find a like-minded meet-up in your town. Great minds link alike—and it's free!
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Our eLink readers write in...
"I tried to download the Space Travel Screensaver and was not able to. Please help."

Editor's Reply: Weíre sorry for the trouble with the download. You have stumbled across a temporary problem with the EarthLink version of CNET's site. By the time you read this, the problem should be fixed and you can try the download again. If that link doesn't work, then try this one instead. Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

More reader mail...
Including questions about the free credit report, happy clucks about the Subservient Chicken, a correction about the Girl Scouts of the USA, and more!

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