Why a passworded journal? Why now? You know the old saying "all good things must come to an end" -- unfortunately this would be one of them. I made my other online journal over at "Ain't Too Proud to Blog" public for over two years. I openly talked about various (and at times very personal) topics in our lives. I talked about anything...and everything...

But there comes a point on the 'net where you have to take a step back and decide "how much is too much" to share with anyone that might happen across it. We've elected to reclaim our personal lives and make them, well, a bit more personal. Especially with the recent birth of our first child -- a son.

Because we live in Florida, and several of our friends and family live in Oklahoma, I want to continue my online journal.

However, the private portions of our lives are no longer up for public consumption. They are available to close friends and family members only. Period. If you don't have the password already, don't ask for it. Quite simply, you are not going to get it. That's just the breaks. It was very fun while it lasted. Here at Sooner-Born.com, it's back to life... back to reality...

Welcome! And I think it goes without saying, Boomer Sooner!

UPDATE: Still need more -- try photolog at shutterblog.com.

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