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The Citroën LN with a two-cylinder 602cc flat-twin:
specifications (in Dutch)

This is the first site completely dedicated to the Citroën LN and LNA. In 1976 the LN was introduced at the motorshow in Paris. The LN was based on the, a view years earlier introduced, Peugeot 104 coupe. The LN was shorter than the 104 and equiped with a two-cylinder flat-twin (R06-627) based on the Dyane- and the Ami8-engine (AM-2). Many parts where used from the 104 coupe. For example the doors, the bonnet, the lid, the windshield and most glass panels. Simular to the Peugeot and the LN(A) is de Talbot Samba.

The Citroën LNA with a two-cylinder 652cc flat-twin:
specifications (in Dutch)

In 1978 the LNA was introduced as successor of the LN. The LNA had a same engine as the newly-introduced Visa. A two-cylinder 652cc flat-twin (V06-630). A few minor changes were made compared to the LN.

The Citroën LNA with a four-cylinder 1124cc watercooled-engine:
specifications (in Dutch)
Just like the Visa, the LNA became a four-cylinder engine in the eighties. This LNA also got plastic strips along the side for protection. Another change was the completely new dashboard and a restyled back with new rearligts.


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