Q1.If I want to come and practice Vipassana Insight Meditation at your Mahasi Sasana Yeiktha, what steps should I take as preparatory ones?


Should you intend to practice Vipassana Insight Meditation at our center there are certain facts you should be familiar with. Your health should be in a good condition. You must be able to spend a tedious week at the meditation center. You must be able to remain in one posture or position at least an hour at a stretch. Then, you must practice walking up and down also for an hour. Sitting has to be practiced nine times a day. It is the same with walking practice. Walking usually takes about seven sessions of an hour's walking a day.

You must observe eight precepts every day while you are at the retreat. One precept forbids you from taking solid food after noon. Most of us are used to nibbling snacks. Another one prohibits you from partaking strong drinks and intoxicants.

You must be confined to the Meditation Centre during your chosen period of meditation. You must practice contemplating as your Meditation Teacher guides you to.

The Meditation Centre takes care of your accommodation and all the food you consume. You can ask for and be allowed to stay in a single room with bathroom attached. You have to donate US $50 for its occupation during your stay at the centre.

While you are practicing Insight Meditation, your Meditation Teacher will seek to discuss with you: your experience in contemplation, your progress in noting or any difficulties you come across while noting. Such discussions with your Teacher should not be missed on any account.

All rules and regulations laid down by the Meditation Centre should be followed conscientiously. Besides, laws and regulations laid by the government of Myanmar must also be abided by. All meditation practitioners are well looked after at the centre. There is a clinic at the service of the meditation practitioner where minor ailments are treated by qualified doctors who offer their services, free of charge. But cases that need intensive care may seek specialist's advice and treatment at their own expense.

C.V (Curricula Vitae) such as: Name, Age, Sex, Nationality and any former experience of Insight Meditation can be sent by Email: Mahasi-ygn@mptmail.net.mm and make a request for a Letter of Sponsorship. On receipt of such documents you should apply for the required "Meditation Visa" from the nearest Myanmar Embassy or Consulate. If you wish to make your pursuit of Insight Meditation to be a successful event, you must make your visa a long term one, that is, for three months duration. However, should you find it impossible to stay three whole months then you can use the Tourist Visa which allows you to stay only twenty eight days.

Another important factor is that you bring all the essentials e.g. your passport, personal requisites as well as the medicines you take regularly for your health and those ordered especially by your physicians.

Once you reach the IAT (International Air Terminal) you may consider yourself at the meditation centre. Our centre is only about twenty minutes drive from the International Air Terminal. The address of your Meditation Centre is Buddha Sasana Nuggaha Organization, No 16, Sasana Yeiktha Road, Bahan Township, Yangon. You can use the telephone to contact us by calling (95-1) 545918 / 541971. I'm glad to be of help to you. I hope I have made things clear enough for you.

Q2.There are nearly about ten of us, very keen to practice the Vipassana Insight Meditation in accordance with the Mahasi system. But as there are no branches of Mahasi Meditation Centre and it is not easy matter for us to come out to your place, could you be kind enough to send out a Meditation Teacher to us?


Thank you for your interest in our Vipassana Insight Meditation. If you are willing to make arrangements to run the project successfully by providing:
- a place to serve as an appropriate meditation centre.
- suitable accommodation and sufficient supply of food for the Meditation Teacher and the cost of R.T.A.T (Round Trip Air Travel) and all living expenses, including Health Insurance, while the Meditation Teacher is in the United States, we shall be willing to send out one Meditation Teacher to you.

If the facts stated above are agreeable to you, then, please send the list of ladies and gentlemen who are the meditation practitioners-to-be, location of your proposed Meditation Centre and the estimated duration of the Meditation Retreat to be conducted have been decided upon, please let us know by email Mahasi-ygn@mptmail.net.mm, asking for the C.V (Curriculum Vitae) of the Meditation Teacher to be sent out to you.

When you have received our response to your request, could you kindly write a letter of sponsor to the Consular officer, Embassy of U.S.A, Yangon, Myanmar, (to kindly forward a copy of the letter to our centre) containing the following facts:
o The name of the Meditation Teacher
o The date of Inauguration of the Meditation Course and its duration
o The standing for the R.T.A.T (Round Trip Air Travel) as well as all living expenses including health insurance during his stay in the United States to ensure that all things are arranged in proper order, we would like to request you to inform us at least two months ahead.

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