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  • Welcome to is a fun source for AIDS HIV and related themes. With "fun source" we do not mean to make "fun" of HIV or HIV positive people.

    The site is created to share HIV awareness among young, sexual active people. And what do young, sexual active people want? Fun,fun,fun!

    On this page you find aids statistics, sex polls, sex statistics (coming soon), dating site reviews, a virtual HIV Test and even information about aids porno stars, hiv porn stars.

    You won't find many information about aids symptom, aids treatment, hiv symptom or hearing aids (thatĀfs actually something else). Please refer to our HIV Link Source instead.

    Don't miss the  virtual HIV Test or the Quick HIV Test. It really cool to do it once! After you fill out all needed data it shows you your personal HIV risk. In the background we a have a huge database with worldwide HIV AIDS Data which calculates your HIV Risk. Give it a try.

    Also don't miss our Personal AIDS Awareness Letter . You can send yourself a monthly email in which you tell yourself that HIV is still a threat for you personal sex life.

    Quick HIV Test

    Quick HIV Test

    Do the Quick HIV Test. It takes only 20 sec to get your result. Mess around with different personal settings and check out "What happens if..."

    Virtual HIV Test

    Virtual HIV Test

    Know about your change to be infected with HIV in detail. Do the HIV AIDS Test right now and know about

    • your % change to be infected with HIV right now
    • how many years you can continue your sexual
      lifestyle until you get HIV

    Do the Random Sex Poll


    Poll for Women

    Poll for Men

    Awareness Letter, Your Lifesaver

    Subscribe yourself to the monthly Personal HIV Awareness Letter.

    The problem with awareness is that it fades away .  The less you hear about HIV the less aware you become and you slowly lose your awareness. With losing your awareness your sex life is getting more risky.

    Send yourself a monthly personal HIV Awareness EMail


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    About Us

    The mission of is to help prevent HIV infections, by sharing awareness and to improve your personal sex life by providing various information for young, sexual active people.

    Live must be fun! and so must We try to make this page as funny as possible in respect to HIV positive people.

    Awareness is the key to reduce HIV infections! We only can succeed our mission with our help. Tell your friends about By telling your friends you share awareness!

    Don't miss the first Virtual HIV Test on the Internet. By filling out your sexual data, we can calculate your personal risk profile and can provide you with helpful links.

    In addition provides you with the most accurate sexual data worldwide. Our statistics are waiting for you! It's fun to watch the sex life of other countries or ages. Our Database will grow and hopefully become the number one source on the Internet. operates on a small budged. Your donation of any amount is highly appreciated. In addition you also can donate through our Enjoy-you-sexlive" Online Store , were you can buy various adult products at discount prices. All sales profit flow into our donation program.

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