Welcome to kingsofnewyork.net
I am currently working on bringing you strictly the best graffiti pictures, live from the mecca of graffiti - New York City!

This site will be updated bi-weekly. You can expect the latest pictures interviews, video, and more. I am also in negotiations with Bronxnet to bring a "Kings of New York series" that will feature a different writer or crew every month!

Smith, Goal, Colo, and Mesoe will be added this week.

If you would like to be notified on the next update email me at:
Cope 2
Free 5
But before you go check out the "Ill-legal" montage. All of the pitures are ill and they're legal - hence the name. I did this poster last year. I wanted to do a montage featuring the best graffiti productions done in NYC at or around the year 2002. Be on the lookout for the Cope 2 montage! It's going to be off the hook!