Xope Systems specializes in software protection and reverse engineering technologies. The studies carried out for several years and the knowledge of the indisputable experts, who have been dealing with software protection for many years, allowed us to offer unique solutions for the computer software industry. We do not make use of empty slogans, but present the facts for which we bear a financial liability. Our own development of the "Crack Proof" advanced technology enabled us to offer state-of-the-art manual software protection services with a guarantee record, without decreasing the performance and compatibility level of protected software.

Xope Systems offers the software which aids to carry out a complicated analysis of the machine code and gives assistance to the experienced computer software engineers at their work. Apart from such specialized software Xope Systems offers Licence Management Studio as complete licenses management solution.

Xope Systems is performing complex services concerning software protection, reverse engineering and cryptoanalysis. We are the only company that offers the service of “Crack Proof™” manual protection of the software with a possibility of payment after the guarantee period.

Creation of the traditional commercial software protection system takes, on average, 80 times the time required for its cracking. The biggest groups dealing with software cracking issue some 200 titles a month. The number of people, who deal with cracking of computer software, is estimated as over 400. For further information, which concerns the cracking of the computer software, software security and software protection, please enter this page.