Motorway numbers in France

Last updated 16-5-04

B numbers existed until around 1985. These were used for second class motorways. They were usually close to the A road with the same number, but A and B numbers did not form an integrated system. There were also C and F numbers.

There are some single carriageway motorways and even a road with level corssings with an A number (the A660).

A1Paris - Lille
A2A1 - Valenciennes - Belgium
A3Paris (east) - A1
A4Paris - Strasbourg
A5Evry - Troyes - Langres
A5aChanged to A5Former western link between A6 and N104
A5bChanged to A105Former northern link between A5 and N104
A6Paris - Lyon
A6aWestern link between A6 and Boulevard Péripherique
A6bEastern link between A6 and Boulevard Péripherique
A7Lyon - Marseille
A8A7 - Aix-en-Provence - Nice - Italy
A9Orange - Perpignan - Spain
A10Paris - Bordeaux
A11A10 - Chartres - Nantes
A12A13 - Montigny-le-Bretonneux
A13Paris - CaenUnder construction to Bayeux
A14Nanterre - A13
A15Gennevilliers - Pontoise
A16l'Isle-Adam - Dunkerque - Belgium
A19Sens - A6
A20Vierzon - MontaubanDerived from N20
A21Liévin - Douai
A22Lille - Belgium (A14)
A23Lille - Valenciennes
A25Lille - Dunkerque
A26Calais - Troyes
A27Lille - Belgium (A8)
A28Abbeville - Rouen//Alençon - EcommoyPlanned: Abbeville - Tours
A29A13 - Le Havre - A28//Amiens - Saint-QuentinMissing section planned
A30Uckange - Aumetz (- Longwy)
A31Luxembourg - Metz - Beaune
A32Changed to A320/A4
A33Nancy - Lunéville
A34Reims - Charleville-MézièresPlanned/under construction, small section open
A35Germany - Strasbourg - Mulhouse - Switzerland
A36Beaune - Mulhouse - Germany
A37Changed to A31/A311
A38Pouilly-en-Auxois - Dijon
A39Dijon - Bourg-en-Bresse
A40Macon - Saint-Gervais-les-Bains
A41Genève (CH) - Chambéry - Grenoble
A42Lyon - Pont-d'Ain
A43Lyon - Modane
A45Changed to A457, then to A450
A46Lyon bypassPart N346 to be upgraded
A47Givors - Saint-Chamond
A48A43 - Grenoble
A49(Valence -) Romans-sur-Isère - Voreppe
A50Marseille - Toulon
A51Marseille - Grenoble
A52A8 - Aubagne
A53Changed to A520First changed to A521
A54Nîmes - Salon-de-ProvenceFormerly near Toulon, changed to A57
A55Marseille - Martigues
A56Changed to N1569
A57Toulon - Le Luc
A61Narbonne - Toulouse
A62Bordeaux - ToulouseFormerly north of Bordeaux, changed to A10
A63Bordeaux - Biarritz - Spain
A64Toulouse - Pau - Briscous (- Bayonne)
A66Toulouse (A61) - FoixFormer A66 changed to A660
A67Changed to A77
A68Toulouse - Albi
A70Changed to A77First changed to A67
A71Orléans - Clermont-Ferrand
A72Saint-Etienne - Clermont-FerrandTo be changed to A89 between Clermont-Ferrand and Balbigny after completion of A89
A75Clermont-Ferrand - Pézenas
A77Nemours - Nevers (- Roanne)
A81Le Mans - Laval
A82Nantes - BrestPlanned upgrade of N165
A83Nantes - Niort
A84Caen - RennesSome sections still under construction
A85Angers - Tours - VierzonOnly small sections open
A86Ring ParisNorth, east and south only
A87Angers - Cholet - La Roche-sur-YonUnder construction
A88Changed to A68Replaces N88
A89Bordeaux - Clermont-Ferrand//Link between A72 and N82Only small sections open
A102Changed to A104
A103A3 - Le Raincy
A104Link between A1 and A4 near Paris
A105Brie-Comte-Robert (N104) - Melun (N105)Former A105 changed to A140
A106A6 - Orly
A115Sannois - Méry-sur-Oise (N184)
A126Link between A6 and A10 near Orly
A131A13 - Le Havre
A132Pont-l'Evêque - Deauville
A139A13 - Rouen
A140A4 - Meaux
A150Rouen - Yvetot
A151Rouen - Tôtes
A154A13 - Louviers
A159Changed to A151
A160Changed to A19
A186A3 - Montreuil
A199Noisy-le-Grand - Torcy
A203Charleville-Mézières - Sedan
A211Lens: link between A21 and N17
A216Calais eastern bypass
A260Boulogne - Saint-Omerplanned
A283Caen - Séesplanned
A311Dijon - A31 (south)
A313Pont-à-Mousson - A31 (south)
A314Metz - A4 (east)
A315Borny (N431) - A4 (west)
A320Freyming-Merlebach - Germany (A6)
A330Nancy - south (- Epinal)
A340Rottelsheim (N340) - A4
A350Strasbourg: link between A35 and D63
A351Strasbourg - N4 (west)
A352Entzheim - Molsheim
A391A39 - Poligny (N83)
A401Genève (CH) (south) - A40
A404A40 - Oyonnax
A406Macon southern bypassplanned
A411Genève (CH) (east) - A40
A430A43 - AlbertvilleFormerly near Lyon, changed to A432
A431Changed to A430/A432
A432Lyon: link between A42 and A43
A450Lyon - Saint-Genis-Laval
A457Changed to A450
A465Changed to A46
A480Grenoble: link between A48 and A51
A490Ring Valence south
A500A8 - MonacoSingle carriageway
A501Ring Aubagne west
A502Aubagne: link between A50 and N8
A507Ring Marseille eastUnder construction
A515Demi-échangeur des Chabauds (A51 exit 2) - Simiane-Collongue (D6)
A520A52 - Auriol
A521Changed to A520
A557Marseille: link between A7 and A55
A570Toulon - Hyères
A601Changed to A621
A602Changed to A624
A603Changed to A624First changed to A602
A610Changed to A837
A612Changed to A61/A62First changed to A621
A620Ring Toulouse west
A621Toulouse - Airport BlagnacFormer A621 changed to A61/A62
A623Lapeyrade - A61/A620 interchange
A624Toulouse - Colomiers
A630Ring Bordeauxnorth, west and south only
A631Bordeaux - A630/N230
A641Peyrehorade - A64Single carriageway
A645Ponlat-Taillebourg (A64) - Le Bazert (N125)
A660A63 - ArcachonOrdinary road near Arcachon but to be upgraded
A668Changed to A68
A680A68 - VerfeilSingle carriageway
A701A10 - Orléans
A710Montferrand - A72
A711Clermont-Ferrand - A72
A719A71 - Gannat
A720Changed to A711
A801Nantes - A83Downgraded to N801
A811Nantes: link between A11 and N249
A821Changed to A844
A830Changed to D844
A837Rochefort - A10 (south)
A844Ring Nantes north
Numbers over 900 have all been changed to lower numbers:
A930Changed to A139
A932Changed to A132
A1086Changed to A186
A1216Changed to A216
A1501Changed to A151
A7109Changed to A710

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