World Soccer: Winning Eleven 6 International PS2 Review From OPM
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Official U.S. PlayStation Magazine : World Soccer: Winning Eleven 6 International
World Soccer Winning Eleven 6 International (PS2)
Also On: n/a
Publisher: Konami
Developer: Konami
Genre(s): Sports > Soccer
ESRB Rating: Everyone
Release Date: 3/11/2003 (USA)
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Don't give up on this one because the title reads like a legal document. Here's a quick explanation: Winning Eleven is the title of the series. This is the sixth incarnation of Winning Eleven. Hence the "6." Apparently, someone felt the word "International" didn't make the word "World" redundant. And finally, it's soccer. Got it?

With that all cleared up, this is one of the finest simulation sports games out there. In Europe and Japan, where they know a thing or two about soccer (it's actually chopped up into tiny bits and put in their food), this is outselling EA's FIFA. Because, in technical terms, it's a better football game for football lovers. Still, "soccer" fans shouldn't hesitate; this may take some work, but it's so worth it.

Basically, Winning is exactly what you saw if you watched the World Cup last year. It's refined, it's subtle, it's paced like any of the songs on Radiohead's Kid A: generally quiet, but with loud parts that are so white-hot they could melt steel.

Winning's greatest feature is the Master League mode, in which you take over a league team and try to build it into a powerhouse. Players improve each time they play together. Say we're on the same team and your name is Balthazar (not a bad guess, huh?) and my name's Todd (which it is). If Todd's pass rating is 67 out of 100, and he connects on a series of passes to Balthazar, his Pass rating to Balthazar jumps up. But the improved Pass rating is specific to Todd-to-Balthazar passes. So, an overall rating in one of the 25 categories is constructed from an endless number of subratings (how well Todd passes to Balthazar, to Sampson, to Agamemnon, for instance). I become a better passer because I keep passing well. If I keep my shots on target, that rating goes up. This is one of the most exciting and fascinating experiences to have as a sports fan, to watch a team grow into a team.

Every scoring chance counts, every detail is considered, the minigames rule, and the halftime show features instant replays that show near-misses and big goals. It really makes you feel like you're watching a TV broadcast. Plus, the music gets you absolutely fired up.

If you love soccer, play this. If you love football, buy it.

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DETAILED INFO for World Soccer Winning Eleven 6 International
Release Date: 3/11/2003 (USA) Players: 1-8
Multiplayer: Split Screen Audio: Pro Logic

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