Queen Queen II

Sheer Heart Attack

A Night At The Opera A Day At The Races
News Of The World Jazz The Game Flash Gordon Hot Space
The Works A Kind Of Magic The Miracle Innuendo Made In Heaven


Flash Theme & Variations

In The Space Capsule & In The Death Cell

Ming's Theme & The Ring

Football Fight

Execution Of Flash

The Kiss


Escape From The Swamp

Vultan's Theme

Battle Theme & The Hero

The Wedding March


Together with 'Jazz' and 'Hot Space', this album competes the trilogy of "most hated records". I can't understand it, I like the three albums.

Recording & Production

Produced by Brian & Mack.


Without counting the variations of the same songs (e.g. counting Capsule and Cell just as one song), we find that, from 11 songs, John wrote 2, Roger wrote 2, Brian wrote 2, Freddie wrote 4 and there's one cover.

Instrumental Arrangements & Performance

Brian did a really great job producing a guitar soundtrack, one of the first in its genre. The others did it ok but nothing particualrly special.

Vocal Arrangements & Performance

Freddie's siren-like singing was pretty awesome. Nice sweet voice by Brian in the title track too.


Brian (1982): "I played some of the prominent keyboard synthesiser parts, but I think Freddie played most of them"

Brian (1982): "Flash Gordon demanded a lot of spacey, atmospheric stuff. But it also happened naturally because Roger was very keen on trying the thing out. He had one for a couple of years, doing some things on his own. He brought it along, we all fiddled around with it and we found we liked playing with it. We discovered that they had changed a lot in the time between when we said that we didn't want to use them and the present. When they first came out, they weren't very flexible. They were monophonic and couldn't be bent. They were very rigid and stiff and we thought that our music was emotional. We thought we could do everything synthesizers could do with our voices and guitars anyway. We spent a lot of time pursuing that thought and I don't think we needed them. But the new generation of synthesizer is -- to my mind -- a lot more human. The bending devices on them are very good. You can get quite a bit of emotion"

John (1981): "We all started with the new LP, Flash Gordon, but in the end it was Brian saying what is on the disk or not. That is a very unusual thing for us, and we got some trouble with it. Brian wanted to have a German producer, with whom he worked very closely in Munich, while we would have preferred an album from Queen . We did agree then, but were not very happy about it. But for the world it was another Queen album. People from outside do not have any idea how personal some songs are. For them it's a Queen song, even if it is a very personal of one member only."