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Spider-Man (Xbox)
Do anything a spider can, now with new and improved graphics!
By Jason D'Aprile | May 3, 2002

The Lowdown: Definitely the best of the Spider-Man bunch, and a great third-person action adventure.
Pros: Good graphics, great sound and playability.
Cons: Some severe camera issues, some control quirks, framerate not optimized.

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Platform:  Xbox
Game Type:  Action
Developer:  Treyarch
Publisher:  Activision

Full Game Information
When Spider-Man first hit the PlayStation a few years ago, NeverSoft's solid game design proved that good superhero games could exist. From then on, it was cross-platform madness as the web-slinger hit the N64, Dreamcast, and PC. Though the PSX-only sequel came and went without much notice, Activision made sure that everyone would get to bite into the movie-based adventure. Developed by Treyarch and hitting the PS2, GameCube, Game Boy Advance, and the Xbox, this new Spider-Man is stronger, faster, better looking, and more fun than ever.

Following the plot of the movie, this version fixes many of the flaws of the original game. As a result, this is easily one of the best third-person action adventures on the Xbox. It's great looking, tells a familiar story that comic fans will love, and lets you get into the shoes of a more youthful hero.

Anyone who has played the older versions of Activision's Spider-Man games will instantly be at home with the controls in the Xbox version. This is really just an upgraded version of the previous games, but those upgrades make quite a difference. The mission-based, single-player game takes Spidey through a variety of indoor and outdoor locales, and web-swinging through the New York City skyline is one of the more visually impressive experience to be had from the Xbox.

Spider-Man's New York is brought to life with great looks and exceptional audio. The voice work is top notch, sporting the likes of Toby Maguire, Bruce Campbell and William DeFoe, and the subdued music is excellent. Sound effects are dead-on relative to the spirit of the comic and movie.

Nearly everything about the aerial-based missions looks terrific, from crowded traffic that goes by underneath to the gleaming skyscrapers. Although all the character models are detailed and well animated, Spider-Man in particular is fantastically rendered, with details so fine that you can see reflections in his shiny eye patches and the texture of his suit's fabric. My only real quibble would be with the framerate, which wants to be 60 but often fluctuates when more than a bit of the city is in view. I'd have thought this could have been worked out for the Xbox version.

It's the main event! Spidey versus the Goblin.
Since most of these aerial levels are either pursuit or combat missions, actually getting through them can take some practice, but there are several key enhancements in the controls that really help make the gameplay shine. The biggest improvement is Spider-Man's ability to actually steer while slinging his webs. You can even easily adjust his altitude. Spidey can cut his web lines at any time to quickly face another direction, turn in mid-swing, and sling webs faster or slower. While running, or climbing, he can quickly shoot forward with a simple web line toss, making our hero faster and more maneuverable than ever. On top of that, he has a stealthy ceiling line that allows him to crawl up or down the web line slowly to get a better view of his surroundings.

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