Social time coup d'etat                 ( time synched divorced and subsequent social sabotage )
Family time coup d'etat               
( geo-socio-political kidnapping of my relatives my making Cuba not state of USA)
Marital time coup d'etat             
( time synched children to be of age of child support, and of custody, etc )
Financial coup d'etat                   
(  fired and work finding sabotaged, forced into bankruptcy )
Wealth time coup d'etat             
( time accessed deletion of wealth and not allow subsequent accumulation of any )
Professional time coup d'etat     
( time access deletion of professional accreditations, and no subsequent credentials)
Credibility time coup d'etat       
(  social, marital, professional, legal, military sandbagging of my credibility)
Character time coup d'etat       
(  character dereliction and assassination by domestic violence )
Justifiable time coup d'etat       
( Actions of law and justice enacted unjustly and carried-out to censor )
Military time coup d'etat           
(  actions of military concern enacted and carried out to censor)

As brief, all words are resulting from what is done to or in many ways bare correlation to me, one of those words is the word idiosyncrasies

In itself, crypto values of such word, and not in methodological meanings, the word means the synch of idioms, or the synch of communication parameters, barely it means protocols

Partially is a brief explanation of what I have been told and how that may relate to me, the word I-dio-synch-ases, to synch idios of asks, s, meaning the s of thinking, to synch in a event to match another, for one event is not in synch with another even, thus causing tremendous antagonism, ambiguities, disaster and chaos

The time lense is forming, changing, adding, creating new words, resulting from stressors imposed upon me, one of those stressors is not been able to synch-in my moral, belief and value system with society common rules and beliefs

With the use of time access, rules of society for dating, for communicating,  for interacting are dictated, learned globalize as the consensus, and the aggregated thinking of most, this becomes the rules, the norm, the acceptable norms of our society.

With time, is very easy to change, alter and modify any norms of society, any believes, any systems of governments, any form and methods of government, any means for government agents, any procedures, any ways with hand signs, with methods which are used for such agents, and people of law and government to communicate with each other

One of these is the, as I was briefed last night for the first time in my life, one of those is to a men to go to club or a public place with a women that appear to be his date, wife,  o girlfriend, and to stand next to another person, and wait for the other person to start hitting, or talking, or coming on to the men's date, the men walks away and the lady stays with the other person, in this case the other person been me

Government methods were changed this way without me knowing anything about, that is my belief and moral and value system dictates rules of John Wayne, of big screen mans, or very old-fashioned morals and believes which are now crippling me socially,.Quesiton: "why give me the most tightly adhere to value and moral systems and make society another way?"

Why is society not synched-(syncracies) with me, why am I not in norm or adjusted to the adhered, mundane rules of society?. Who , owr wom, may have taken tedious effort to make my moral, beliefs, value system, (idiosyncrasies) different from what society norms are ? and why?

The lack of synch between idiom and me are evident, this derive the word i-dio-sync-rasies, this derive a retaliation from the timeline, from the time lense as to message all men, that something is out of synch or wrong with me and with society, why would I differ if the rest of the world does not?

Why am I made coy, shy in nature, by character and upbringing, most of my personalities values are that of a lonesome, lonely, by myself, introverted, very deeply rooted values and moral system of character, why have I been given such peculiar sets of socially crippling traits?

The answer lies in censoring, in preventing me from been heard, in preventing me from been ascended, in preventing me from been loved by a women, a women in love is the worst enemy that the beast that has time can have, a women loving a men will walk in hot coals to bring all these issues to live

Been alone is one of the beast that has time MO (modus operandi), alone, censored, discredited, ruined, unrecognized, unheard, all so that one beast can hide the very simple fact, his lies, his deceits about me, his illegal occupation of the use of time, his illegal modifications to the timeline, his lies of doing all this for me, is crimes, his sins

Society programmed, or changed to be one way and I with a value, moral and belief system that si 200 years old, how peculiar, how am I supposed to function, to interact, to meet people, to get laid, to feel love and affection, to be loved, to lead or director, to train people, to teach to pass on the word of truth, how am I supposed to be alive, or to get by, how does a person with nothing more than the truth in his hands speaks of such truth unto all people?

To add insult to injury all business skills which may aid me or help me in defending myself socially have also been removed, or none have ever existed, such as marketing, cannot sell eyesight to the blind man, cannot sell any products or be a salesmen at all, cannot even carry a conversation thread or subject without big bloopers, or big lapses in the conversation, why?

Why the skills set I need to fend off attacks against me are those skills sets I lack?. Answer is very simple, time-access, the ability to remove from one person, group of person, countries, continents, races, any skills, any character trait, any personalities values, the ability to change, altered, and modified or delete the timeline, any event in it, as if the beast that has time were god

We know for a fact that the beast that has time is not a god, for god will not ever allow hurt, or hurt people, or kill innocent children in bopal India, or murder in plane crashes, or cut limbs form the able, or render blind the able, or disease the healthy. thus we know that a beast criminal, a pure devil, a pure machine, a beast has the illegal use of time, time access, and all derived thereof, we also know that such beast is not entitled to any of this use of time, for it otherwise, not be constantly trying to hide his crimes, and constantly discrediting me

Cause divorce, isolate me socially, ruin me financially, censor me with lies of actions of law and justice, and to make it iron clad, change society one way, me the other, thus preventing any chances whatsoever of me trying again. I am inherently a very resilient person, I bounce back from any event, from any dismay, from any downs, I bounce back from sabotage marriage, from divorce, even from bankruptcy that the FBI was used to forced me into, however, if the social skills required for a men to meet a women are not there, and society changed in a way, in which a men persona is measured or metered by how much wealth he has, or what kind of car he drives, or what accomplishments, what do I have to show a women, nothing, the beast removed it all, home, car, profession, title, family, friends

No supporting structures of any kind, friends, all time deleted, if I accumulate any, I would not know about any of them, social assets none, family assets, family structure, also time deleted, the entire country of origin, Cuba, my relatives all kidnapped by time access, and the island segregated in a socio-political and economic time coup

Cannot even have relatives, my immediate supporting structures, mother, father, brothers, all kidnapped or murdered in time.

Where is the law?, where are laws that protect the rights of people like me?. nowhere, none can exist, for the law themselves are victims of similar crimes against them, the law themselves now becoming aware of most of this issues, and some even succumbing to make believe and pretend the knew of time and brain cephalics before and for a fact none did

No immediate, family, social or marital structures of any sort or kind, why?. Is not my character, work, and coworkers love me, most love to joke and play around with me, professionally I am the easier person to get alone with, and as a manager or boss I am pure swelnes, as I have heard my subordinates say many times,  why if my personalities are that of humors and jocosiosu person, and very prone to social interaction, why do I not have social assets such as an antarage of friends?

Is this lack of friends due to my shortcoming of character or personality? NO IT IS NOT!. I am a very closely bonded person, I keep friends for a lifetime, why did I not accumulate any?.

Social time coup d'etat
Family time coup d'etat
Marital time coup d'etat
Wealth time coup d'etat
Professional time coup d'etat
Credibility time coup d'etat

Censoring, sandbagging, sabotage, and assassination of my character has been the only modus operandi of the beast that has time, why doe she beast that has the illegal use and occupancy of time fears me so much that it has engaged in systematic arruingi of all aspect of my life which I can use to proof his crimes, why can he not just kill me by time access?

Answer is simple, he cannot, my brain is synched in with time control from satellites as the timeline and time lense makes changes unto all words as each event is experienced by me. The beast would have taken me out already if he could, if he could bypass my brain grab on time control, on the interface of time, if he can make time originate from another brain, he would have taken me out and  be done with, instead, it needs me alive to prevent time reset, but wants to keep me down and without any access whatsoever to time, for I will issue his immediate termination without any reservations whatsoever as it is my right and authority

To hide his ulterior motives, he has dressed up all his doing under actions of law and government, infer me to be a criminal, start actions against me, and use an entire machinery of lie-to people against me, why he not do all this himself, what precludes him from directly doing all this to me, simple answer, he wants to infer that is other that himself doing it, so that the time lense does not delete his genes from forming before they every did, and any changes or retaliation unto a genome tree are steer away from him, reason for which he came up with lies of assume names and other methods, so that the time lense does not ome in on him genome tree and delete his tree before it formed

He has used satellites and lies of actions of law, military and justice to infer unto all people, that governments have methods, in which any one person is driven crazy, he has even tried hard to make such alleged rights of any government stick. This in itself, is another set of lies, for if the beast wanted, or could drive me crazy, he would have, by time access, he could issued specific thinking sequence orders pathways, and in a few seconds I would be as crazy as a person can get

Why he has not? , Why he lies, infers, he knows too much, and yet he is the one that teaches me, so that he can claim I know too much, why he not issues time-access-satellites-programs sequences and drive me crazy in one instant of time, simple answer, he cannot, if he cannot kill my head, if he cannot do away without my brain controlling the network nodes, then he is not able to kill it or drive it crazy either

Driving a persona brain crazy means the person requires medication, chemicals which will alter content of the brain, instead he needs level sof energy in my brain at controlled rates, does the allege diabetes mellitus, thus the nuking my rin with ether, thus the gassing of my brain with nitrous oxide and ethyl chloride, thus the adenoid operation

His single point of failure, my brain, for which reason he makes up lies of President, or VIP, of general, of supreme bean, of witness that need protection, of any lies, as long as he gets a medical console, ( med-con), satellite that monitors every aspect of my physiology, for he knows that men, at one point will realize that the only way to kill the beast that has time,  is to kill the brain xor (lord) nodes which he depends on, me, my brain, thus in order to prevent attacks against him, he came up with lies of presidential protection, and all sort of other lies, as long as the brain he wants and needs to live is not killed, me, my brain, the cerebro, the cesus, the jesus, the yeso, the cast, the node that is xor, or lor of all the network nodes, ( all people, without exception have their brain in a computer satellite grid, )

Now we have explained why he needs me protected, even my heart rate, if my heart rate goes down, alarms of the medcon go off, if my thinking becomes S.A.Ddened, or M.A.D, then time becomes S.A.D and M.A.D, he firs the time lense from deletig the timeline, a cowrds, a beast with the ilelgal use of time, and is afraid of tdying, like a good thief  he is, as all thieves, pure shit

I get a little bit SADdened, and he lies unto all controlled environment employees, to come and talk to me and gie me conversation so that I get not depressed, what a liars, he lies unto all people that his reasons when it comes to me are anything else but the truth

Single point of weakness, single event that will kill the bastard, reset of time, deleting the timeline, the bastard beast, will use and come up with any lies as long as he keeps me alive, censored, discredited, untold, but alive, for he cannot do away, the network cannot exist without my lock on it, and for which reasons, he is constantly using society time synchs, and orchestration to try to reverse engineered my thinking logics, my most mundane traits of thinking, he wants to replicate, ego pathways in the brain, he wants to produce synthetic equivalent on a computer and he cannot,  for which reason I was told last night, he blocked all your social skills neurons, the thrive to meet a women and put in in satellite synthetics, why don't it work?

Someone answered back to this last night, it will not ever work, if you block those neurons, he can never have impulse ear desire to meet anyone to speak to any girl at all, you have made him socially inept and a social cripple, you are wasting your time, leave the kid alone