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Independent Sector Perspectives July 2004
Willa Seldon, Executive Director, offers strategies, such as sharing resources and using fiscal sponsors, to reduce the cost of operations and make more sector-wide resources available for mission work.
Our Purpose
We exist to enable people to create and sustain a healthy, just and vibrant world.

Who we are...
Tides Center is a leading provider of nonprofit infrastructure services. For more than 25 years, we have been helping committed individuals concentrate their time and energy on their mission and goals.

How we make a difference...
Eureka Communities - Bay Area focuses on strengthening nonprofit organizations that serve low-income communities by providing crucial leadership training for the executive directors of these nonprofits.

How to Become
a Project
If you are thinking of starting a nonprofit activity and are interested in working with Tides Center, please visit our Becoming a Project section.

What we do...
Tides Center provides a comprehensive set of core management services to nonprofit leaders promoting social change. Here is a look at what we provide:
  • Fiscal sponsorship
  • Financial services
  • Employee benefits
  • Administrative support
  • Human resources policies,
    training and intervention
  • Payroll services

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