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Check out my book of contra dances!
Check out my book of contra dances!
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Now available: 21st Century Contras, a booklet of 32 unique, original contra dances by me, including some 4-facing-4 dances. To buy one, please send $7.50 plus $1 for shipping (total: $8.50) to:

Devin Nordberg

3785 Birchwood Dr. #65

Boulder, CO 80304

In the meantime, here are some free samples (but worry not, the dances in the book look great, since that didn't require me to learn HTML):


3-2-1 Dance

October, 2002

Improper contra, double progression

A1 (8) Long lines forward and back

      (8) (new) neighbor swing

A2 (8) Give and take (long lines forward, give both hands to partner, ladies pull men back to their side)

      (8) Partner swing

B1 (8) Circle left 3/4

      (4) Balance the circle

      (4) Partners California twirl

B2 (16) New neighbors gypsy meltdown

It has worked well in both basic and advanced groups. Dancers need to know that everything done with a neighbor is always done with a new neighbor. 3 swings, 2 progressions, 1 dance.


Resettlement Swing (Variation on Settlement Swing by Penn Fix)

Fall, 2002


A1 (8) Neighbors do-si-do (make long waves, men facing out)

      (4) Balance the wave

      (4) Neighbors allemande R (once around)

A2 (4) Allemande L the previous neighbor (from the wave)

      (12) Swing original neighbor

B1 (4+12) Ladies gypsy 1/2 across the set and swing partner

B2 (8) Long lines F&B

      (8) Ladies chain

A1 and the allemande in A2 is exactly the same as Settlement Swing by Penn Fix, but the rest of the dance is original. And since I introduced a partner swing, it needed renaming accordingly.

Contra Cockaigne



A1 (16) Neighbors balance and swing

A2 (8) Long lines forward and back
(8) Ladies Allemande R 1

B1 (16) Partners balance and swing

B2 (8) Ladies Chain
(8) Left hand Star

Notes: A basic basic glossary dance. For beginners, it introduces rhythm in the balances and flow in the transition from the chain to the star.