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Updated Monthly - Last Update 11/10/00

       "There's alot o' strange things out on the planes, bloods, and most of 'em can put a body into the dead-book quick - as quick as a slaad can change his mind. A lanned 'walker has to know what's what and who's who or else he might find himself danglin' on the end of some piker's chiv and I can tell ya from hard-won experience, that's not a pretty place to be in, suren!

       That's why ol' Ashy (like the good tiefer that I am) has put together this little list (that's ever-growin', as sure as th' Spire) of all of the unusual and unique critters and creatures that I've stumbled across in my travels. I've been all across the planes and back, bloods, and let me tell you, there are whole worlds more of creatures out there that I've seen and just haven't found the words to describe yet... But you stick with ol' Ashy and he'll lann ya, as sure as the gatetowns slip!

       Now, I don't know if it be true chant or not, but the ol' tiefer has heard that my ol' pal Viola, in Sigil, has the chant on more beasts and buggers than you can shake a mephit at. I've heard that he keeps all of the chant in his trusty Mimir. If yer lookin' for more chant on creatures of the planes, I've heard that his Compendium is the place to look, as sure as leonials are lazy!

Even more planar critters can be found over at the kip of The Dragon Dreamer! This blood also has a Compendium of all sorts of beasts, both fair and foul! Before you jaunt out for your next tarmy ride, be sure and lann this chant!

- Ashenbach,
Tiefling Planewalker & Adventurer