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When I was just entering adolescence, I was going through some "mental things" and, yes, I did lots of bad things that I never got caught doing.  But one healthy outlet for my... energy... was to draw comics -- violent comics.  So, I invented a little character and named him Melvin.  Melvin has a Dad whose job is to beat the shit out of him... sometimes as fast as possible (I only had about 15 frames to set up the situation, have Melvin do something dumb or innocent, then have his Dad completely destroy him).


As I was drawing the comics, I felt like I was taking my aggression out on Melvin when, in fact, Melvin was actually me.  And Melvin's Dad's physical beatings really just represented the mental "beatings" I felt I was taking at home.


Yeah, it's a weird situation, but when you read these comics, don't think about any of that psycho mumbo-jumbo and just take it at face value: Melvin is a little kid who needs a complete beating on a regular basis.


Oh yeah, some of the comics got really sick, so if you're squeamish or don't want to think any worse of me (heh), then just mosey on back to the game section!


BTW: I drew about 60 of these Melvin comics and made a few live action videos.  I'll eventually post all the comics -- here is just a sampling.

Melvin Mows The Lawn
The Nose

I don't remember where I got the idea for this one... I think it came from a story in National Lampoon called Boy's Vengeance.

Mauling by lawnmower: it was just too obvious.

This one's real quick and simple - 6 frames and the beating is in the 5th. I think my Mom left the house for work one day and it inspired me to draw this one.

I was going to college in 1987 and living with my parents.  I am not embarassed!

Commie Melvin
Beta-Tester Melvin

My stepdad was in the Korean War. 'Nuff said.

Okay, I haven't said enough. Actually, my stepdad never talked about his time in the war so I just had to imagine what it would have been like to be fed up with listening to war stories.

While working at Softdisk, Mike Maynard was working on a French Language Tutor program (uh...yeah, most of Softdisk's software was wide-open ass).

Anyway, Mike had some beta testers check out the program and when he got their feedback he thought it was all bullshit and wanted to harm them.

Instead, I took it out on Melvin for him.

Messy Melvin
C***s**ker Melvin

I think I was told one too many times to clean my room.

Basically, I wanted to create the most disgusting Melvin I could think of... and this is the one. And I just had to have it take place at Softdisk, just to top it off.

For once on this oxygen orb we call Earth, a petition actually WORKED! For over a year people have begged for this comic -and now it's here! Get it while it's hot!

Breakin' Melvin
Smoking Melvin

This was drawn during the break dancing craze of the early 80's and I could not STAND the guys at school who were break dancing everywhere... this was my revenge on them, in the guise of Melvin!

This one is actually titled Melvin VS Pop, but that's basically what every Melvin is anyway - and this one deals with a serious topic : SMOKING.

Okay, so I didn't deal with it seriously. Heh. Basically, my ENTIRE reason for drawing this comic was to see how fast I could demolish Melvin... it only took 10 frames!

BMX Melvin
Mouldy Melvin

Man, October was the month for drawing Melvins back in 1984, eh?

I used to ride a Mongoose BMX for several years - I loved that damn bike! Then some a-hole stole it when I was at an arcade in Roseville, CA. The arcade was called Video Bob's.

Anyway, here's what would happen if Melvin showed his dad some BMX stunts...

Occasionally I had my friends come up with Melvin ideas, so that could explain why this one's a little weak.

I usually go for really hardcore, brutal destruction of Melvin, like dismemberment, head splitting, leg snapping... that sort of thing.

Man, Melvin should just not ever talk back to his dad. But I make sure he never learns.

Stereo Melvin
??? Melvin

This was one of the first Melvins where I used felt tip markers to color them in.

The deal with this Melvin was basically that I was playing a lot of Black Sabbath in high school and got in trouble for blasting my boom box everywhere I went.

Since the school bus trip in the morning was over an hour, I used to sit in the back seat and crank Metallica and Accept all the time. And Black Sabbath, of course.

Coming soon...



Copyright (C) 2001-2004 John Romero - All Rights Reserved