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mobilerss brings RSS (RDF Site Summary) Feeds to mobile users.
mobilerss enables you to view RSS News anywhere on any mobile device.
Just Add your selection of RSS feeds and synchronize with your PDA.


Atom Support added [2004-06-21]
Basic support for Atom has been added to mobilerss. Atom content is now visible.
See what's new! [2004-03-22]
The |N| feature now helps users see what's new at a glance. Updated feeds are now marked and coloured.
mobilerss on Nokia mobile phones [2003-12-20]
A profile for Nokia mobile phones has been added. View mobilerss on your phone!
mobilerss in mozilla sidebar [2003-08-04]
Users can now view their selection of RSS feeds in the sidebar of mozilla and netscape.
Added Support for syndic8 [2003-08-03]

A feature has been included to let users add feeds from found via their XML-RPC service.

mobilerss included in Subscribe[2003-07-27]
mobilerss has been included in the list of aggregators at the Syndication Subscription Service, "a general syndication subscription service for RSS content consumers, RSS content producers and their middle agent: An aggregator".
mobilerss included in quicksub [2003-07-27]
mobilerss will be included in the next release of quicksub, a Javascript function by Jason Brome that adds intelligence to the feed button on webpages. quicksub combines several aggregators in one subscription button.
Added Support for OPML [2003-07-26]
Users can now import and export their channel lists via OPML in order to simplyfy interoperability with other news readers.


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