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Namma Veettu Kalyanam


Murali Meena Vindhya Vivek
Rajiv Vadivelu Livingston Manorama
Director: V. Sekar

In his earlier films, he used to select an issue related to the middle class, thrash it out, depicting the pros and cons. Medium budgetted, sans subtlety and style, the films however were successful at the box office. For the dialogues, though loud, drove home the point, and the situations he depicted gave an insight into the psyche of the middle class. But V. Sekar seems to have exhausted all his issues, his recent films have been a hotchpotch of incidents and characters, neither message-oriented nor entertaining.

Here it is about two wealthy sisters Meena and Sitha, who fall in love with two guys who apparently are college professors. The girls' brother Krishnamurthy, an MLA, abandons the plan to get them married to a minister's sons, and reluctantly accedes to their wish. The girls are married off to their respective lovers, only to learn that the duo are not college professors, but two unemployed youth in search of jobs. Thrown out of the house by the furious family, the men open a fast-food eatery (what else?) to prove a point to their unforgiving wives. How the matter is resolved forms the rest of the story. For some strange reason, though it was the girls who were taken for a ride, it is the men who act the injured party, throughout the film, the girls being on the defensive.

If Meena is the demure one, Vindhya comes off well as her fiery sister. Murali pitches in with his sobriety, with Vivek and Vadivelu taking care of the comedy part. Leaving a mark with his consistent performance is the suave Rajiv, as the well-meaning brother of the two girls.

Malini Mannath
published on 04th Oct 2002

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