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Title Description 
4th Coming Large graphical multi-user role-playing game
Abus odyssey Zelda type game 
Abyss  (My project) graphical roguelike-game with some elements from Ultima games. 
Adonthell The attempt to create a free fantasy crpg, that will run down every commercial competitor
Adventure Island fantasy role-playing game in which you are placed in a midevil land.
World of Arcadia Fantasy crpg
Arcana An object-oriented Rogue-like game engine
Avaris 3D Anime crpg
The Begotten 3D role-playing game that takes players into a dark but beautiful science-fantasy world
Bronze Dragon This is a role-playing system --- not just a single game
Chaos Trilogy part 1 - Crelgala Open-ended cRPG game in development. Focus on good storys and  huge adventures.
Crpgnet Customizable Online CRPG for up to 60 players. Mac. Server and Client Available.
Darkmoor 3d crpg for windows 95
Das Land game with graphics like ultima 6 (vga 320x200), sound blaster fx and mouse support. In german!
Delver A customizable tile-based adventure game. 
Dragon warrior PC Dragon Warrior clone 
Dream Quest Final Fantasy remake
Dungeon Bane II traditional shareware CRPG 
Eco original game amed at RPG and Anime fans. 
Eight Eyes of Salvation console-style role-playing game set on Earth against the dramatic backdrop of the late 1930's.
Elonsia 3d role-playing game that takes players into a dark but beautiful science-fantasy world
Exploration Rpg development system forWindows that allows users to create strategy RPG games with Command&Conquer style game play.
Fallen Angels Win95/98 Console-style CRPG
Fenix Blade PC based CRPG
Free traders rpg/strategy game for Windows95
Geno-tek project Japanese style console RPG for pc
Grimoire Wizardry/EOB-like crpg
Heavenly utopia mix between the bbs game legend of the red dragon and Squares Final Fantasy 3
Homeland A role playing game for Windows 95
Infinite worlds 3d dungeon-crpg with OpenGL rendered dungeon graphics and multiplayer internet capabilities.
Infinite quest RPG (Role-Playing Game) inspired by the classic Ultima and Might & Magic series, generates new world for each game.
I.R.E. Role playing game engine
IslandGates role playing game that resembles the classic Super Nintendo RPG, Chrono Trigger
Isles of Dreamoor: Shattered Crystals Ultima6-like crpg
Javamud Graphical multi-user crpg written in java
Joyoys rebel 2 Isometric crpg in the works
Kaduria Ultima/roguelike crpg
Krystal Land Final-fantasy like crpg in development
Legacy of watchers : Nightfall horror action/RPG uber-conversion for Quake 2. 
Legens of old Ultima6-like crpg
Legend of saladir Roguelike crpg
Legend of Talibah top down console style RPG. With a cast of interesting characters and an envolving plot
Legend of the golden sword ultima-styled crpg
Masters of the galaxy A CRPG in SVGA. Seven race's storylines melt into one for the fight for the universe.
Medieval Warfare BBS Door or Local Play CRPG with lots to do!
Miura Warrior  console/Japanese styled CRPG designed for Windows 95/NT4
Millenia Isometric Crpg in development.
Mongars Prophecy description: 1st person CRPG where you have to lead your party against the evil.
Mugu project An open-source graphical multi-player game system written in Java.looking for a few more coders
Natuk Ultima-like sequel to successful crpg Nahlakh I
Necrius Old-ultimalike crpg
NewChaos RPG in development
Neo Pagan non-linear 3rd person 3d based CRPG 
Neophyte : the spirit master Very Nice looking Manga-crpg
Of Will and Glory Crpg with cartoonish graphics and good game play like Zelda
Opes An RPG which has changeable and expandable worlds
Origin Crpg in development
the Orb like Zelda, a tile-based game, sorta Fantasy style RPG. 
Ourobros Commercial quality tile-based RPG game under development. 
Pandoras Box Crpg with over-cute look
The Quest for Sereya an experiment and a new style in RPG design
Realms of Kaos multi-user gaming project
Realm of Kate Top-down freeware fantasy CRPG for Win95/NT. 
Recoverence post nuclear/medieval times tile based CRPG being designed using DJGPP and Allegro.
Scent of war II Crpg in development
Sceptre of Shalimar Ultima-style Fantasy Role Playing Game 
Screaming Metal In Screaming Metal you will play a new recruit in an army in a distant future. With the help of special weapons, high technology, cool gadgets and cyberimplants you hope you will survive the upcoming full scale war. 
Secret Of 7th Cloud EOB/Wizardry/M&M style FRP in 800x600 HiColor
the Shadows of the Light A console style rpg, like final fantasy.
Solar Squad futuristic RPG with some real-time strategy elements mixed in.
Spellsong First-person fantasy crpg
Sphere Sphere is a 2D, console-style RPG engine. The engine runs in 320x240x24, but the video driver system can output the internal buffer in any way.
the starfleet initiative turn based, play by e-mail, multiple player, space strategy game. 
Stormbringer An attempt to create a CRPG similar to Origin's Ultima VII, while incorporating some new & interesting features.
STRPG Strpg will be a FF-style game with FF2 / Dragon Warrior graphics.
Sorcery role-playing game that threatens to take you back 15  years
The Streyan legacy " epic task being undertaken by a very small group of crazy, creative college students "
Sunfire Crpg that looks exactly like Ultima6
Thraine: Air & darkness Crpg with advanced AI, stunning graphics, and a very careful design 
Utumno Dead, needs new maintainer!
Universe:expandable RPG that will run off of a scripting language 
Virtual World true cyberpunk roleplaying game 
Viper Top-down fantasy crpg for windows
VulfJagd top-down medieval tile-based Computer Role Playing Game
Windfall a fantasy console Crpg in the making.
World World is a text-based multiplayer CRPG with computer-generated worlds, and heavy character development.
Verge FF-style crpg creation system
Zeb's Adventure  Zelda style adventure game
Zelda'99 An original clone of "Zelda 3: A Link to the Past". For Win9x and DirectX 6.0.
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