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Current Showreel

This reel represents the level of the work I have been involved in recently. These animations are designed for use in-game, so are loopable and generic by nature. I have rendered them without textures so that they fit better together and the focus is on the animation. The creatures were animated with my own rigs which gives the right amount of control for each situation. None of the models were built by me apart from the griffon and dragon ogre.

animation showreel

Dragon Ogre

This is a current project I have wanted to do for a long while. Now that I have the time, my goal is to build, rig and animate this dragon ogre and create a nice FMV sequence something along the lines of what the Blizzard guys do. The dragon ogre was chosen as it has inspired me ever since I bought a miniature from Games Workshop in the early 90s. Here, I have the rough model made and I used that as the basis for the bone structure which I have rigged and animated in 3ds Max

dragon ogre rig
dragon ogre walk cycle
shoulder test

Warhammer Online Animations

The Warhammer website has shown a few of the animations I created while I worked there. The game is still in production, so I can only link what has been publicly released by the Warhammer team. The links below take you to Quicktime versions of the animations, the original AVI's can be found on the Warhammer site.

orc standing
bat flying
ogre sprinting
beastman ungor attack
ogre throw
dwarf archery
ogre clubbling
rat ogre climb
dwarf climb
zombie attack

Misc. Animations

These animations are bits and pieces I have created in the past to test various motions or ideas.

griffon attack
dino run
dino hill test
dino step test
dino hunter


These are some of the in-game animations completed for Machines, a 3D real time strategy game for the PC. For more examples of them running about in-game, see the intro movie below.

Machines FMV

These clips are the rendered movies I created to set the scene between missions. A lot of the time, I used in-game models and backgrounds and then used my existing animations and added lighting and motion blur etc. Others, such as the pod-landing required hi-res versions to be made.

pod landing
cresting hill
guns blow
E3 demo

The Quivering

These FMV sequences were for the game The Quivering, a pre-rendered adventure game for the PC.

death by plant
level 2 ending
death by big d
final ending
elvis death

Charybdis Showreel 1996-1999

This reel summarises a lot of the above anims into one reel..

charybdis showreel



These animations require Quicktime to view

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