Sam Regal -Donatello ----------Michael Sinterniklaas - Leonardo---------Wayne Grayson - Michaelangelo

John Campbell -Casey Jones---------Darren Dunstan -Splinter----------Veronica Taylor -April

Marc Thompson-------------Greg Carey -Hun-------------Scottie Ray - Shredder

Scott Williams -Baxter

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Fox Box Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Promos! Low Quality MPEGS
Week 1 - News Fakes Round 1! Week 2 - News Fakes Round 2!
Contest Promo's, Round 1, Week 3 Contest Promo's, Round 2, Week 4
  • The original Contest Promo for Round 2
  • Leonardo Promo
  • Michelangelo Promo
  • Donatello Promo
  • Anyone have the Raphael Promo? Email me...
  • Longer Contest Promo with Toy prize Detail
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