Connie St Louis


My career began twelve years ago when I was selected for the prestigous BBC network radio production trainee scheme. As a qualified research scientist my early programme experiences were in Science Radio where I made a whole portfolio of programmes, highlights of which included securing the first British interview with Bill Gates CEO Microsoft. This was followed by being commisioned to make Radio 4 first black and Asian magazine programme IN LIVING COLOUR which ran for many years and formed the springboard for the BBC's Africa '95 season. In 1997 I was invited to produce the 1997 Reith Lectures on race with Professor Patricia Williams which attracted huge critical acclaim, attention and debate.

I returned to the Science Unit in 1999 to begin my presentation career with a new series. LIFE BEFORE BIRTH a joint R4 /world service commission which charts the scientific and medical developements from birth to death. This is presently in its third series. I have also presented a fitness magazine called Fit for Life and a four part history of world medicine. I have sold and made a wide range of feature, package and interview ideas to a number of outlets inluding Woman's Hour, Check- Up and Case Notes.



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