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Arrian, Events after Alexander (epitome from the Bibliotheca of Photius)
Translated by John Rooke. Edited by Tim Spalding, with user-submitted commentary.

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Hello Pothos forum people! Welcome to my new text, John Rooke's 1814 translation of Photius' epitome of Arrian's Events after Alexander.

I'm looking around for someone to write a brief introduction to this work. If you're interested in the project please contact

Until someone writes this, or I write one myself, please consult the following resources for information on this work and related issues.

W. J. Goralski, "Arrian's Events After Alexander: Summary of Photius and Selected Fragments." Ancient World 19 (1989), 81-108

P. A. Stadter, Arrian of Nicomedia (Chapel Hill 1980)

The Diadochoi (Successors) of Alexander: A Bibliography by Waldemar Heckel

Britannica: St. Photius

Alexander the Great on the Web: Hellenistic Age

Extract from Curtius on events after Alexander from William M. Murray's course Age of Alexander

Thank you,

Tim Spalding


Arrian. A few other works by Arrian are available online:

Link 1: Indica (Alexander in India) Translated by E. Iliff Robson, 1933. Courtesy Natal University, South Africa.
Link 2: Array against the Alans (How Arrian set up his forces to fight the Alans in 134) Translated by Sander van Dorst.

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