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ESNES ?? What's that for??
Well, it's one of the best Super Nintendo emulators for the MS-DOS platform. This project started the 1st October 1996 and it's author ( Lord Esnes) saw it's future very dark (at first), but when new versions have been released, and new games and demos started to work, the project has become quite serious. From this version the ESNES project has a new member, Ishmair, author of some other good emulations.

The emulator is full written in C and compiled with DJGPP in order to produce 32-bit code. The perfect computer needed to properly emulate the speed of the real console is a 166Mhz Pentium. With a 486 Dx2 66, a VLB Video card and NO-Sound you can get a 36% of the real console speed. Someone could say it's slow. Well, if we think that it's FULLY written in C, then it's quite reasonable because the hardware of the original console is REALLY HARD to emulate.(and that's why games are so GOOD :) From this version (0.14) the main CPU emulation (65816) and a new graphic routine to draw tiles, are written in assembler. Anyway this routine isn't effective when there are mode 7/HDMA effects, and you should toggle the old line-to-line routine (slower because it's still written in C) with F12...

The last version is this one: ESNES 0.14a(ZIP) 280000 bytes (5 Ago 1997)
One of the new things compared with the last version is that the SPC700 CPU is now emulated so the emulator has sound! The library used to do this is the SEAL audio library so the emulator has support for almost ALL sound cards. As I said before the main CPU and a new graphic routine have been rewritten in assembler as well as some parts of the main loop. You can also redefine the keys used in the emulator with the '-KEYS' parameter. There is also support for 2 players and joystick with 6 buttons. ESNES now recognizes a new configuration file where you can put the main parameters and then you won't have to start ESNES with a lot of parameters. Some bug fixing has been made in some graphic routines... In conclusion, we have again one of the more refined existing SNES emulator... (Until the people of NESTICLE/GENECYST decide to start their own SNES emulator :)

As always, you can get this version, a list of patches and some small utilities from the OFFICIAL ESNES Page.

The main features of the emulator are:

Things that will appear soon (well, maybe not so soon :)

To have an idea of how ESNES emulates some games, here you have some screenshots. I suppose that in a few days I'll put some other images... Or not! :) You should toggle "Auto Load Images" OFF and then click individually on them if you get poor downloading ratios from my page. Of course this is the attitude everyone should have when going through the WEB :)

Breath of Fire
Contra 3
Chrono Trigger
Final Fantasy II
Final Fantasy III (VI ?)
Final Fantasy V
Gradius 3
Knights of the Round
Legend of Zelda
RPG Sailor Moon
Soul Blazer
Super Castelvania IV
Super Mario World
Super R-Type

The next table represents "graphically" the ratio between ESNES Speed and the Real Console Speed, depending on the computer you're using. If someone would like to send me his(/her? :) computer description and its associated ratio, I'll be VERY GLAD to include them in the table :) It would be nice to tell me the version of ESNES used to perform the test. For the moment this table seems nice, but if in a far future this "pseudo-project" seems "poor", it could maybe disappear. (Anyway at the moment it doesn't seem "poor" to me ;)

Computer Speed Ratio Tester ESNES Version
386 SX 16, Trident 8800 CL ISA :) ?? :) ??% :) ?? :) ?? :)
486 Dx2 66, Cirrus Logic 5428 VLB, IW-GUS (PnP) 20 % ISS'97 0.14a (VESA 2.0), ASM-Tiles, Maximum sound quality, -frame 0
486 Dx2 66, Cirrus Logic 5428 VLB 36 % ISS'97 0.14a (VESA 2.0), ASM-Tiles and NO-Sound, -frame 4
486 Dx4 100, S3 Trio 64 PCI 56 % Raúl 0.14a (VESA 2.0), ASM-Tiles and NO-Sound, -frame 4

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