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Jennifer: I am so thrilled to be a customer of yours. It looks as if my site has switched and all systems are "go". I have received referrals from my website via AOL already. You were wonderfully patient with my myriad of questions. I look forward to concentrating on my business now. Best regards.
Eileen Kirna

Kirna Consulting
RTSHosting Client Since: Nov 7, 2003

I *had* to write.... This is beyond a doubt, the best hosting company that I have been with. Great support, service, security and hosting. And now you have added even more great facilities! Thank YOU!
Jackie Karp
RTSHosting Client Since: June 19, 2002

As we not only need hosting for our own business and personal sites, but are constantly needing to recommend hosting for our clients this is a continual problem for us as well. We want reasonable pricing, quality features, reliable uptime, and fair response time to any problems. We have been in business for 6 years and had a business web site for that same amount of time, so we have gone through a lot of web hosts in that time :-) We now use RTSHosting.com for not only our own web site but for a number of our clients, and for quite awhile now this is the only host we recommend to most clients. Jennifer, who owns RTSHosting.com, is one of the most conscientous and responsible web host owners I have ever known. She is very prompt in answering and addressing any problems and is constantly updating and improving the services she offers.
Bev Miller

Silver Leaf Designs
RTSHosting Client Since: Nov 22, 2002

I've been telling everyone I know who needs a Web host about RTSHosting.com! In fact, I've already gotten a new account for the Atlanta Area Council of ABWA, and I had my friend, Diane Roney (RTSHosting Client Since: July 15, 2002) sign up with you, as well! More business is coming your way, so keep up the good work! Thanks again for the wonderful support!
Jivonne Gilliam

RTSHosting Client Since: May 17, 2002 ......

Once again, I wanted to drop a note to say "THANK YOU!" Thanks for being so responsive to a client I referred to RTSHosting.com: Donna Satchell, Success! Can Be Yours (RTSHosting Client Since: April 5, 2003). She is extremely pleased with the speed in which you've responded to her immediate needs as a new hosting client. She's also pleased with The Virtual SOHO Solution for recommending such a customer-focused company to meet her hosting needs. In fact, she's transferring her domain registration to RTS, as well! I can't thank you enough for the excellent value, support, and service you provide. You make The Virtual SOHO Solution look GREAT every time I send a client your way! The solutions I provide my clients will continue to include RTS Hosting! Thanks again, and keep up the great work! Jivonne Gilliam
RTSHosting Client Since: May 17, 2002

Thank you for being so responsive and helpful when it's needed! Since moving to RTSHosting.com almost a year ago, the website has gone very smoothly - from registering a new domain name, to moving to our new 'home'. All my questions are answered quickly - which is something I can't say for other hosts. The control panel is the easiest I've ever used! When I don't know how to do something, it's taken care of! I think you must have Genies in Bottles working for you - everything is just so very efficient and effortless. Thank you for all your help!
Helen Dohrmann

RTSHosting Client Since: Jul 23, 2002

I've been so happy with your service...As soon as I find the time, I'm planning on moving my remaining site from Aletia to your servers. There's just no comparison in service and quality...
Stacee Sledge

RTSHosting Client Since: May 9, 2002

When I started my own Internet business - I didn't know who to turn to or how to choose a hosting company. And one of your clients (Beth Mallory) spoke very highly of your hosting company and she suggested I try you. So I did; and I must say; I've been extremely happy with the service and the price since I've joined. I have no reason to look anywhere else....RTech Solutions, Inc is the first hosting company I ever had and I'm so happy with your service that you'll always have my business!
Helen Petracci

RTSHosting Client Since: July 6, 2003

I am extremely pleased with my hosting at RTS. I was not pleased with my previous host and found their technical support to be challenging at best and downright infuriating most of the time. I shopped carefully for my next host. I asked the entrepreneurs on my professional list serve for advice on hosts, took the top three recommendations and interviewed them all personally before making a decision.

Only Jennifer offered the best in service, price and response time. Others may have their strengths, but I've always been pleased with the response, the high degree of customer service, her willingness to answer my questions and the extremely reasonable price that Jennifer offers. I recommend her services and enjoy being a customer. Thanks, Jennifer, for making my hosting a joy - I already have enough challenges!
Angela L. Allen, IVAA CVA
RTSHosting Client Since: Mar 4, 2002

RTSHosting.com is second to none! We were referred to Jennifer a year ago. We started out on the month-to-month plan just to give a try. Needless to say, we've have been so satisfied, we've not looked back. We've also had the priviledge of referring others to RTSHosting.com based on our satisfaction - and we have.

Jennifer is very professional and prompt. There have been times that I have e-mailed her after midnight and received a reply within the hour. RTSHosting.com is definitely a winner and anyone that uses them as a webhosting company will find the service hard to beat.
Fina Warner

RTSHosting Client Since: Jan 1, 2002

I just want to tell you how HAPPY I am with your webhosting service!! Everything is so easy to navigate, even for a cyber nerd like me :). I have set up my Outlook Express and can send domain mail (yeah!!). Your customer service and support are A+. I will definately pass you on to anyone I know look for hosting!
Goddess in the Groove
RTSHosting Client Since: June 27, 2002

I cannot thank RTS enough for their wonderful professional services. They are prompt & extremely helpful at answering my questions and have exceeded my expectations of a website server service! Plus they are very reasonably priced! Thank you Jennifer, I could not run my website so successfully without you!
Tina Heggem

RTSHosting Client Since: Apr 28, 2002

I highly recommend RTech's Web Hosting service. I've been with Jennifer since January 2001. Her fees are very reasonable and support is reliable, friendly and very easy to work with.
Carol Gawa
Carols Floral Designs
RTSHosting Client Since: Jan 24, 2001

I have been with RTS and Jennifer for quite awhile now, and continually recommend people to RTS. Jennifer truly knows what A+ customer service means! I have emailed her on a weekend with a question or a problem and will hear back from her within hours. The level of customer service that Jennifer gives is what makes RTS stand out from other hosting companies.

Along with killer customer service, RTS is very affordable compared to other hosting companies, and I have never had any significant down time with any of my sites that are with RTS. If you're looking to get the most bang for your buck, and excellent customer service, then RTS is for you!
Julee A. Beigay

Virtual Webgistics
RTSHosting Client Since: Mar 2, 2003

Finding Jennifer and RTS was the best thing that ever happened to me. With my last hosting company, my website was down more than it was up and customer service was non-existent. Since moving my site to RTS last year I’ve never had to worry about it. The support and price can’t be matched.

Jennifer is always available to answer questions, whether it’s during the day, at night or over the weekend. When you look up the meaning of customer service, you’ll find Jennifer’s name. No one does it better!
Patricia Parker

Executive Assistant
RTSHosting Client Since: Jan 19, 2002

After over 6 years with a local ISP hosting my site, and charging me $6.95 per month for 10 meg of space, and no support, I started looking for a new hosting site. When a friend recommended RTS Hosting, and I saw what was offered for the cost involved I knew there had to be a catch somewhere. No service, slow servers, something. I couldn't have been more wrong. When I emailed support the first time I was prepared to wait a couple of days for a response, I got an answer from Jennifer in less than 1 hour. She helped me change my nameservers, and when I had major problems with the domain registrar, she changed them for me. I can’t say enough good things about Jennifer and RTSHosting.com.
Bob Hatch

Slice of Time Photography
RTSHosting Client Since: Apr 15, 2002

This is my first experience with a hosting company and I can't imagine being able to find a better one. Jennifer has personally responded to my numerous e-mails and has, without exception, given me expert advice. I feel fortunate to have found top rate service at very reasonable prices. If you are looking for quality web hosting, I highly recommend you contact Jennifer at RTech Solutions, Inc.
Rosemary Strub

RTSHosting Client Since: May 14, 2002

Jennifer - I received the info! Thank you so much for this. I have to tell you that you are highly respected in the virtual assistant industry. I see recommendations for you all the time and I post them myself on a few boards (I have some sites here). I'll be moving my site over within the next few weeks as your customer service blows away my current hosting company. Thanks again.
Jackie Eastwick

Peace Pipe Country Club
RTSHosting Client Since: Jun 14, 2002

I HIGHLY recommend Jennifer's hosting service! I'm always amazed at the fast responses and excellent two-way communication she provides. Glad I'm with her hosting service and plan to be for a very long time :)
Sherri Yukel

RTSHosting Client Since: Apr 10, 2001

If you look at the truly successful businesses, customer satisfaction is the key. In many sectors, referrals are important. And those come only if your customers or clients are truly happy with what they've gotten in their dealings with the company. RTSHosting.com is a great example. Prices are more than reasonable. Response time to questions or problems is truly amazing! I've gotten replies to email questions in almost the amount of time it took to write the e-mail. During nonbusiness hours, no less! Would I recommend RTSHosting to my clients? You bet I would!
Bill Kraski

RTSHosting Client Since: May 20, 2001

I was so glad to find a host that is affordable but more importantly, is a real person on the other end of the email when I have questions. Jennifer is quick to respond to any inquiry and has repeatedly gone above and beyond her "host" obligations. It's like having a friend in the web hosting business!
Beth Mallory

RTSHosting Client Since: Mar 2, 2001

I am so happy I found the RTech Solutions hosting package. Moving my site to RTSHosting.com has saved me hundreds of dollars as compared to my previous web hosting solution. And the best part is that I haven't had to sacrifice savings for service. I have received the highest quality customer support with RTech Solutions. Thanks Jennifer for showing me that quality can be affordable.
Corliss Hale

RTSHosting Client Since: Mar 21, 2001

I am so happy to have found RTS Hosting! Jennifer is WONDERFUL! She is always there with an answer right away to any concern I have. With my previous host I had to wait DAYS for a response, let alone getting it resolved. Night or day, she is right there. The transition was seemless, which was very important to me. I would expect to have to pay a lot more for this kind of service. I recommend RTS Hosting to EVERYONE!
Charlotte Fowkes
RTSHosting Client Since: Mar 3, 2002

I am so pleased that I moved my sites to RTech Solutions. Jennifer is wonderful, and extremely knowledgeable. The web site packages not only offer great prices, but the latest technologies and security features that provide my web design firm everything I need for a great site. I highly recommend RTech Solutions to my clients as well.
Debra McGuiness

RTSHosting Client Since: May 16, 2002
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