2nd Swiss Unix Conference
September 2-4 2004, Technopark Zurich

Conference Information

The Swiss Unix Conference (SUCON) will be held September 2-4, 2004 at the Technopark in Zurich, Switzerland.

SUCON is a emerging conference focused on topics related to the Unix operating system. Our goal is to bring together developers, system administrators and users in the field of Unix to foster projects, ideas and the knowledge of every individual.

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Call for Sponsors

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Operating Systems: See kernel developers from various free operating systems talking about kernel internals, ongoing work and plans.

System Management: Get to know the latest system management automation tools, spam fighting techniques and learn how to manage hundreds of Unix boxes.

Free Software: Learn about quality issues in free software and how to fix them, hear about law aspects regarding free software and get to know howto particpate in the Debian project.

Multimedia: Hear from the developers of free video applications such as MPlayer, xine, or Videolan. Learn about multimedia on UNIX or just relax while watching a multimedia show presenting the past 10 years of multimedia.

Networking: Listen to experts talking about networking topics such as provider issues, IPv6, Quality of Service, new standards, etc.

Security: Hear about security techniques such as RSBAC or learn how to do disk encryption.

Important Dates

Early Bird Registrations due: August 9, 2004
Poster proposals due: July 15, 2004
Camera-ready final papers due: August 15, 2004

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Experts and leaders from various fields related to UNIX have been invited to present ongoing work, inform about plans or talk about the past. Below is a list of some of the speakers...

Linux Kernel Hackers

  • Greg-KH
  • Jamal Hadi Salim
  • Patrick Mochel
  • Rik van Riel
  • Theodore Ts'o
  • David Mosberger

BSD Developers

  • Andre Oppermann
  • Hendrik Scholz
  • Henning Brauer
  • Hubert Feyrer
  • Poul-Henning Kamp

Free Software

  • David Rosenthal
  • Martin Michlmayr
  • Samuel Hocevar
  • Thomas Lange

Networking Experts

  • Alexandre Cassen
  • Chris Welti
  • Peter Bieringer


  • Alex Beregszaszi
  • Mike Melanson

... and many more.

Conference Organizers

Program Chair
Thomas Graf, University of Technology Rapperswil

Program Committee
Attila Kinali, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich
Ihsan Dogan, Sun Microsystems
Roberto Nibali, University of Technology, Zurich
Thomas Vogt, SolNet, Zuchwil
Tobias Oetiker, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich

Event Coordinator
Elian Kool, DATALINE AG, Horgen

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