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128 pages; Ages 8-12
    Scholastic Canada Ltd.

0-439-98864-0 pbk $5.99

by Vladimir Tumanov
illustrated by David Bordeleau

Page Excerpt


An evil sorcerer-king is holding a queen named Jayden captive in his castle, and only Alex, Vanessa and Sam can help save her . . . But wait a minute! These are three real-life kids — and the queen in trouble is part of a fictional fantasy story, in a book they’ve discovered.

The book is called Jayden’s Rescue, and it soon becomes clear to Alex and his friends that in some parallel world, Jayden really is in trouble. To help her, they have to solve the puzzles posed by a menagerie of kooky monster guards. There are
four hundred of them — one for each room in the castle!

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