Why not use the SEC’s site?

Convert your documents to EDGAR HTML within seconds online. You upload your document and get the result back within seconds. No email attachments, no need to pay rush service. Our system is fully automated and runs 24/7. EDGARization is free.

We prefer html over text filings as text filings tend to be difficult to read and look less appealing. HTML filings help you project a modern and sophisticated image of your company.

EDGAR Filings
Attach your uploaded and EDGARized documents to a submission. Any form can be submitted with the click of a button. Create a complete filing online in less than 5 minutes.

Ownership Report Filings
Compare the convenience of our ownership report filing solution with the SEC's onlineforms filing website:

  SEC site Corporate-Insiders.com
Ability to store information Limited.
You can only use the information in the filing that you are working on. If you are filing an annual update where nothing changed, you can not copy information from previous filings.
Yes. Enter information once, and it is then stored and can be re-used by simply clicking on it.
Import information from previous filing? No. Yes. Our Import Facility lets you import data from your old filings directly from EDGAR. You don't even have to enter data the first time you use our system.
Information saved when you log out? No. Yes.
Use information about securities across insiders? No.
Re-enter for each insider.
Yes. Store information about derivative or non-derivative securities once, use for any number of filings.
Use footnotes in several filings? No.
Re-enter for each filing.
Yes. Store footnote once, use for any number of filings.
EDGARize exhibits on the same website? No.
Use other service to EDGARize, then come back to file.
Yes. EDGARization is free on our website.

All your insiders own the same stock options? On the SEC system, you have to enter all data for the option for each insider. If you are filing for 10 insiders who participate in the same option plan, then you have to enter the same option characteristics 10 times!
They still participate in the plan next year? You will have to enter the option characteristics 10 times again. And again the year after. For example, you can save all information for your company's 2003 stock options under the name '2003 plan'. For each insider, you then simply select the '2003 plan' and the system will populate all fields in the form. And when you do annual updates in the future, the information about the '2003 plan' is still available. Unlike on the SEC website, you do not have to re-enter everything.

Security and Confidentiality
We use 128-bit encrypted Secure Socket Layer encryption for maximum security and confidentiality.