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Ikegami / Avid's Disc Recording System
By Roger Macie

One of the major attractions at the 1995 NAB convention was the formal introduction of the Ikegami/Avid DNG (Digital News Gathering) Camera System with Digital Disk Recording. Three distinct models were displayed.

Each of the two Camera/Recorder systems (DNS-11 FIT CCD and DNS-101 IT CCD) incorporate a disk recorder where video is recorded directly to a removable "Fieldpak". The digital random access format of the Fieldpak permits immediate on-line non-linear editing. The Fieldpak houses two 1.2 gigabyte hard disks, offering up to twenty minutes of total recorded video.

Also presented was the CamCutter Recorder. This dockable recorder, along with the one-piece systems, allow direct access to Avid's Field Editing System. In the News Gathering industry, time is a most precious commodity. Ikegami's proprietary DNG system translates into considerable time savings! A total DNG system can empower you with video acquisition, recording, playback and editing to transmission.

Disk based recording opens up a new world of unique production techniques and system features. A prime example is RetroLoop. This feature allows you to constantly record in a pre-defined loop of time from 15 to 60 seconds. When the unexpected happens, you will have it. Just hit the record trigger. Video stored in the RetroLoop is added seamlessly to the front of a new clip ("Take") with no wasted disc time or lost shots.

Most of the major broadcasters we spoke with during NAB agreed that tape will be around for many years. even those who will be first to take advantage of a field disk recorder will still have to use a combination of disk and tape systems. One fact is clear when field editing is not a consideration, media costs continue to favor tape. ENG, on the other hand, is really what this technology was created for. Time will tell.

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