Unreleased Japanese games

Yup, unreleased Famicom games, still the first and only english list of its kind.

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Having no knowlage of Japanese myself, I had to rely on online translators to make the majority of this list. The original list was made with Babelfish and double-checked with Excite Japan translations. All in all I'm confident about the info here, but if you see something that you're certain is incorrect, give me an email.

In some cases I did leave the original Japanese name, if I thought it would be more easily recognized than a literal translation, as with Seiken Densetsu.

Thanks to everyone who's sent me additions and corrections to the list, including but not limited to: ArnoldRimmer83, Buddha, David Dayton, John Howell, Johnny Undaunted, KingMike, Li Wang, mm-mm, Shih Tzu, Spinner 8, Tetsuo, and TheRedEye.

-- Famicom --

Addams Family, The - Misawa Entertainment

Advanced Dungeons & Dragons - Pony Canyon
All of the AD&D; games that saw a release in the US were also released in Japan.

Airwolf 2 - Kyugo
Could have possibly been released as Cross Fire. The overall theme is similar, and it's the only game Kyugo released outside the Airwolf franchise besides Ninja Cop Saizou (Wraith of the Black Manta.)

Aliens - Square
A platformer based on the movie, announced for both the Famicom and FDS systems. Released on the MSX.

Altered Space - Epic/Sony Records
Released for the Game Boy in Japan and the US.

Ambition of Wolf - Jaleco

Arc Hound - Konami
Possibly released in the US as Contra Force.

Armadillo 2 - IGS
Sequel to the original.

Armored Soldier - Hi-Score

Avengers - Data East
Same game as Captain America in the US.

Bacillus - Vap

Bali-Bali Legend - Taito
Available for PC Engine/TG16.

Battleball - Asmik

Same as US version.

Bio Force Ape - Seta

Block Out - Technos

Bowling - Nintendo
Announced very early in the system's life.

Caliber 50 - Visco
Released on the Megadrive, originally based off an arcade game.

Calorie Vs. Moguranian - Vic Tokai
Based on an arcade game. The arcade game isn't emulated yet, but there's some screenshots at system16.com.

Castelian - Triffix?
Released in the US.

Cat Runner - Kemco/Seika
Announced in US also. Single player action/RPG that supports passwords.

Combat Zone - BPS
Real-time combat sim featuring multiple weapons.

Crack Buster - Seta

Deathball - Kemco

Demon Animal City Naga - Irem
RPG with a werewolf theme.

Dinosaur Legend - HAL
An adventure/RPG featuring a gradually evolving dinosaur. Sounds a little like Enix's EVO. This is the lone, blurry screenshot that I've found of this game.

Donkey Kong Music Education - Nintendo

Doraemon 2 - Hudson
Sequel to Hudson's original Doraemon game, apparently unrelated to the Doraemon released by Epoch.

Dump Matsumoto - Sanritsu
Apparently based off an arcade wrestling title.

Dungeon Wanderer

Esteel - Taito
Unreleased FC prequel to the SFC game Estpolis Denki (aka Lufia & the Fortress of Doom in the US).

Fairyland Story - Taito


Fantasy 2
Sequel to the above. Both were unreleased. May have had a PC release.

Felix the Cat - Hudson
Same as the US version.

Final Fantasy IV - Square

Fire Trap - K Amusement Leasing
A Crazy Climber clone, based off an arcade game by Data East. The arcade version was released in both Japan and the US. Note that the only Japanese rom available is a bootleg version.

G1 - Natsume

Gadulin - Seta
Released on the SFC as the system's first RPG. Also refered to as Gdleen in the SFC intro. Gideon Zhi is attempting to translate this.

Gaster Field - Konami
Unrelated to Vic Tokai's Chester Field.


Glove Beat - Taito
Boxing game. Characters are divided up into head, body, and hands.

Go Teaching '95 - Hector

Godzilla 2 - Toho
Same as the US version?

Great Finishing - Hector
An adventure game.

Great Ghost War - Hot B
Strategy game.

Great Swordsman - Taito
Based on an arcade game.

Grid Grabber - Jaleco

GT Connection - Natsume
A racing game, probably.

Helifire - Nintendo
A port of the nifty arcade game.

High School Baseball Glory

Hunt for Red October, The - Altron
Same as US version. Here's a Japanese ad.

Indiana Jones - Coconuts
Probably released on the Game Boy as Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.

Inlet Island Jiro - Vap

J League 2 - Electronic Arts/Victor
Probably the sequel to J League Winning Goal.

Jump World - Vap

Jungle Emperor - Taito
Platformer based on Kimba. Here's an ad.

Kabuto - Vic Tokai

Koushien 2 - K Amusement Leasing
Sequel to the original. Released on the SFC.

Legend of Hero Tonma - Irem

Legendary Broadaxe - Tonkin House

Letter of Fear

Little Sampson - Taito
Seirei Densetsu Lickle, also by Taito, was released in the US under this name. Possibly the same game?

Love Quest - Tokuma
Reworked and released for the SFC.

Magic Carpet Adventure 2 - Human
The prequel may have been a Game Boy title.

Magic of Scheherazade 2 - Culture Brain
Announced and unreleased in US.

Masakari Densetsu - Tonkin House
Released for the Game Boy. An unreleased sequel was also announced for the Snes.

Migrain - Acclaim Japan?
Released for the GB. Here's a screen from the FC version.

Monster Party - Bandai

Murderous Intent - HAL
A detective story.

Mysterious Sugar Thief - Vic Tokai
Based on a manga by the same name, which was done by the person responsible for the Golgo 13 series. This is the same game that was announced in the US as Secret Ties.

Nekketsu Baseball - Technos
Likely the same Nekketsu Baseball game that was released for the Snes as Downtown Nekketsu Baseball Story.

New Theory: Miyamoto Musashi - King Record
Obviously based on Musashi of Japanese history.

NHK Space School - Konami
An educational math game.

Off Zarken - Tokuma

Overlord - Virgin?
Identical to the game that was released in the US.

Pescatore - Sunsoft
A puzzle game like Puyo Puyo. DreamTR has a copy of the proto.

Phoenix Legend - Human

Pit Stop 2 - Pony Canyon
F1 pit sim, possibly based on a US game?

Psycho Soldier - SNK
Based on a Japanese arcade game, which was also released in the US. A US Nes port was announced, but also went unreleased.

Quiz Triathalon - Irem

Riddle of Pythagorus - Hudson
Based on an arcade game by Sega.

Robocop 3 - Epic/Sony Records
Released in US by Ocean.

Rocket Ranger - Kemco
Same as US version.

Rocky - Sammy
Based on the movie, also announced but unreleased in US.

Rosetta Mystery - Kemco

Rune Master - Bandai

Rush and Crash - Capcom
Also announced in the US as The Speed Rumbler. The original arcade game was released both in Japan and the US.

Sai Yu Gou Ma Roku - Technos
A simple beat 'em up based on an arcade game. The arcade version was also released in the US as China Gate.

Sakamoto Ryoma - Toshiba

Scramble 21 - Victor

Scramble Saber Kids - Angel
Based on a TV show.

Seadog - Vic Tokai
Marine RPG, could this be the same as the unreleased US game Mariner's Run, also by Vic Tokai?

Soldam - Jaleco
A puzzle game that features Rodland characters. Released on the Game Boy, originally based off an arcade game.

Space Opera

Space War - Nintendo
Another early title that didn't see a release.

Spirit Animal Genesis - Nihon Bussan


Strider Hiryu - Capcom
Same as the US release. This scan is an ad for the FC version. Notice the different layout of the message screen on the right.

Super Dog Booby - Jaleco

Super Mario Bros. 2 - Nintendo
A cartridge version of the FDS game was announced.

Undercover Cops - Irem
Game was near complete when cancelled.

Vengeful Ghost Village
A graphic adventure, like Shadowgate.

Violent Soldier - IGS


Warroid - ASCII
Released on the MSX.

White Card

White Hawk

Wings of Ares - Capcom
Released in the US as Legendary Wings. DreamTR has a copy, but it's only the US version on a FC cart.

Wings of Space-Time

World of Gods - Toei

World Rally - Vic Tokai

Xain'd Sleena - Technos
Based on an arcade game.

Zark Legend
I've also seen this one listed as "Zerk Legend." Maybe that's supposed to be Zork, from Infocom?

Zombie, The - Hot B

-- FDS --

Aliens - DOG
A platformer based on the movie, announced for both the Famicom and FDS systems. Released on the MSX.

Bible 1999 - Imagineer

Chicago Connection - DOG
Story follows organized crime in the US.

Cosmic System - Imagineer
Apparently this title never got beyond the planning stages.

Dark Side of the Moon - DOG

Explorer - Kemco
Story revolves around a meteor hitting the earth.

Global Adventure
Educational game.

Golden Bat: Legend of Revival - Gakken

Historical Adventure
Educational game.

Island Adventure

My title for the game. The actual prototype disk doesn't have a title screen.

Pocket Zaurus Quiz World - Bandai

Q*Bert - Konami
Released in the US.

Robbery in Wonderland - Gakken
That's Wonderland as in Alice in Wonderland.

Seiken Densetsu - DOG

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