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News Of The World is in fact the only album where I find Brian very superior to his band mates as a musician and as singer. This song is one of the major examples of that. All the arrangements of this piece were made by Brian himself.

Origin & Recordings

Written by Brian. Thanks to the piano we know which studio was used for the album version: Wessex. That means it was part of the second half of the album recording (September and late August 1977). The piano brand is easily recognisable because of it's huge resonance (e.g. the note Brian hits after "her ways are always with me"). The classic bell-like tones that characterize European pianos can be heard on the intro and the solo. For sounds of the same model of piano listen to Butterfly or the piano version of Who Wants To Live Forever. That make fitted perfectly Brian's style.


Backing track was Bösendorfer piano (Brian), Fender bass (John) and Ludwig drums (Roger). Brian added a five-part guitar choir in the Red Special.


Brian sang the lead vocal, very excellently too, and on "I am old but still a child" and "take me back again" he made a second track as well. Freddie's vocal harmonies are mostly two-part but at the very end they become four-part, the bottom of which sings a F1 on the words "and gone". It was Freddie's lowest note on the album.


Brian (1982): "That's one of my favorites. That was one of the ones which I thought came off best, and I was really pleased with the sound. It always gives me a surprise when I listen to it because it was meant to really bring tears to your eyes. It almost does it to me"

Brian (1989): "Nobody's ever wanted to know about that track. It was a song I had around for a while, about... it was kind of about the passing of friends, and I think it crystallized because ... this is very embarrassing... I think what started off was my cat, my cat died when I was a kid, and I could never get over it. I think I wrote the song for the album thinking it was about something completely different, but I think partly it was trying to get that out of my system. We never talked about that in the band"

Brian (2003): "For the record, as far as I remember I played piano on Doin' All Right, Father To Son, Now I'm Here, Dear Friends, Teo Torriate and All Dead All Dead."

Peter Hince (2001): "The piano on All Dead was played by Brian"