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Editor: Tim DuPertuis
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Additional playtesters: Keith Garton, David Garton.
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40K3 Vehicle and Titan Playtest Rules
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40K3 Tyranid Vehicles
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40K3 Eldar, Ork and Chaos Vehicles
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40K3 Titan Rules
Special Rules For Titans
40K3 Imperial and Eldar Titans
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40K3 Ork Titans
Stompa, Gargants and Great Gargant
40K2 Alternate Point Cost System
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40K2 Harlequin Army List
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40K2 Eldar Towering Destroyer Knight Datafax
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Last October saw the release of a completely new edition of 40K with major changes to the game system and how the game plays. This new edition, of course, requires a whole new set of rules for Titans, superheavies and other nonstandard vehicles. The new 40K3 vehicle rules are considerably simpler than the rules from 40K2, but we do not have the years of experience with them that we had with the earlier rules, so rules design is simpler, but more play-testing needs to be done to make sure the new rules are balanced. Playtesting is further complicated by the lack of final codecies for the Orks, Eldar, Imperial Guard and Tyranids.

This Issue
This is the first issue with both 40K second edition and 40K third edition rules (called 40K2 and 40K3 for brevity). Since there are still lots of people playing 40K2, rules coverage in Inquisitor will cover both editions of the game, trying to include rules for both editions in any rules articles published. There will continue to be rules conversions from 40K2 to 40K3 and hopefully some conversions from 40K3 back into 40K2 (I‘m sure that someone out there is working on a 40K2 edition of the Dark Eldar army list!).

40K3 Playtest Rules
First up are 40K3 playtest rules for 11 Titans, 4 superheavy tanks and 12 other vehicles. These rules are necessarily playtest rules since most of the codecies for the matching armies (Tyranid, Ork, Eldar, and Imperial Guard) have not been released yet. Give ‘em a try and tell us what you think! These rules will be finalized in future issues as the codecies come out and we get in more playtesting time with them.

40K2 Troop Point Costs
This article provides an alternate point calculation system from the original system from in Rogue Trader, which was used in 40K2 as well. Point costs for stat increases are weighted differently than in the original system to more accurately reflect their value in 40K and multipliers are not used for higher point cost troops. The basic formulas are provided along with spreadsheet formulas so you can set up a spreadsheet to make your point cost calculations.

40K2 Harlequin Army List
The Harlequin Consortium provides us with a complete 40K2 Harlequin army list that allows Harlequins to fight effectively as a separate army. Included are new troop types: Gifted troupe leaders, Mimes and Master Mimes, Death Jester War Walkers and material included in the original Harlequin army list: lower levels of psykers, and rules for using salvaged/captured vehicles.

An abbreviated Hot Lead article, a short Q&A and finally a 40K2 datafax for the Eldar Towering Destroyer Knight round out this issue.