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We specialize in beautiful ties. 100% European silk men's neckties, hand sewn in original designs that range from old-school classics to funky conversation pieces. Reinvent yourself, your wardrobe, or your husband's wardrobe with a masterpiece -- and yes, we're referring to our ties.

Animals and Bugs
We've got an Ark of mammals, birds, fishes, and bugs woven in silk. Sing the call of the wild, whether you're an animal lover or a mere fashion trendsetter. More Info

Classic Patterns
From Wall Street to Wamsutta, each of these patterns have been proven timeless. Tie on a classic, featuring hand-woven silk fabric in designs that are tried and true. More Info

Cocktails and Cigars
Anything this cool has to be bad for you. Luckily, each of these designs looks the part, and never leaves you with a hangover. More Info

Log on to your sense of fashion. Join the dot-comradery of the technologically savvy with computer signs and signals. More Info

Christmas Vacation
Dashing through the snow, in a one-horse holiday tie... You know the rest. Each hand made silk tie is definitely a stylish reason for the Season. More Info

Retro a Go-Go
Each of these designs is dedicated to the age of funky, formica, and the forgotten. Choose one of our silk ties created from the prints and slogans from the '30s, '40s, and '50s. More Info

Sports, Golf, and Games
Whether you're a fanatic or only a fan, all of these ties are subtly designed with your favorite pastime in mind. More Info

Media Maven
For the entertainment lover. Ties emblazoned with televisions, film paraphernalia, and classic radios - just in case you want to get a signal. More Info

A collection with a little more... oomph. Style. Humor. Whatever you call it, you have to admit, they're fun. More Info

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