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August, 2004

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[Picture] Birthday bonus for me!
[Last Edit: 4.08.04/10:15am] Keyed in by shawn on 3.10.2003 at 12:13pm PST

[Just a picture]

04.08.2004: Yay. I can reuse my calendar from my birth year... er, well, I'm not THAT frugal.

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[Software] Brief hiatus for OSX ports.
Keyed in by shawn on 22.08.2004 at 10:56am PST
My old mac is sick, and is heading back to Apple for repair. In the interm, all OSX related software is on a brief hiatus.

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[Site Update] Spring cleaning... in August?
Keyed in by shawn on 1.08.2004 at 1:01am PST
I've gone through and updated both my forum to sync with the recent code base of phpBB, as well as my image gallery, now based upon Gallery 1.4.4, and even made a few tweaks to my doodleboard.

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[Software] MKVToolNix 0.9.4 package for MacOS X ready.
[Last Edit: 27.08.04/2:42pm] Keyed in by shawn on 25.07.2004 at 11:43am PST
Once more, it's time for an update. libebml, libmatroska, and MKVToolNix.

It's still linked from my software page.

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