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Closing Ceremony of the ATHENS 2004 Olympic Games [2004-08-30]
As the Greatest Celebration of Humanity reached its final phase, host-city Athens bade a final farewell to the athletes and its guests...
OG 2006 : welcome to Turin ! [2004-09-01]
Closing Ceremony of the ATHENS 2004 Olympic Games (photo attached) [2004-08-30]
Official: China not yet a sporting superpower [2004-08-30]
China official: Russia remains in top echelon in sports world [2004-08-30]
Liu Xiang to Bear Flag for China at Closing Ceremony (photo attached) [2004-08-30]
Athens Olympics more than a sports arena for China [2004-08-30]
IOC Chief Praises Athens Olympics (photo attached) [2004-08-30]
Day 16: Countdown to the Closing Ceremony [2004-08-30]
Athens Olympic Games to Close Sunday Evening [2004-08-30]
France wins 1st cycling gold at Athens Olympics [2004-08-30]
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