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Shader Triathlon - Summer 2004 Results
The ultimate shader programming competition is over!

Its now time to announce the results from the Shader Triathlon! All of the entries are now available to download, complete with source code. But first, the winners...

Grand Prize Winner
For the highest total score across all three categories, Sebastian Henriksen is the Grand Prize Winner!

Materials & Environmental Effects
Gold Prize: Interactive Hypertexture Explorer by Ondrej Jamriska
Silver Prize: Real-Time Global Illumination by Francesco Banterle
Bronze Prize: Outer Worlds by Arkadiusz Waliszewski

Image Processing & NPR effects
Gold Prize: Soft Shadows by Anirudh S Shastry
Silver Prize: Ascii Art Shader by IMAGIRE Takashi
Bronze Prize: Transition Effects by Sebastian Henriksen

Thinking Outside the Box
Gold Prize: Relief Mapping by Fabio Policarpo
Silver Prize: Evolver by Markus Reinhardt
Bronze Prize: Planets by Bjarne Fich

Random Drawing Winners
3ds max (courtesy of discreet): Michael Wallace
RT/Shader (courtesy of RTZEN): Antonin Hildebrand
GPU Gems book (10 copies.): Andrew Khan, Andre Jaeschke, Leonardo Boselli, Jesse Laeuchli, Mark Granger, Gabriel Moreno-Fortuny, Gil Damoiseaux, Jaewon Jung, Khanh Phong Ly, Serge van der Ree

Congratulations to everyone who entered, and keep on the lookout for our next contest!

Materials & Environmental Effects
Interactive Hypertexture Explorer - Ondrej Jamriska, 07 September 2004

An interactive hypertexture visualizer.

Associated Files:
  • http://www.shadertech.com/shaders/stsummer04/jzq-hypertex-bin.zip
  • http://www.shadertech.com/shaders/stsummer04/jzq-hypertex-src.zip
  • Real-Time Global Illumination - Francesco Banterle, 07 September 2004

    This entry simulates global illumination using two bounces of indirect lighting, using an Image Based Lighting approach.

    Associated Files:
  • http://www.shadertech.com/shaders/stsummer04/GhigoRT_GI-bin.zip
  • http://www.shadertech.com/shaders/stsummer04/GhigoRT_GI-src.zip
  • Outer Worlds - Arkadiusz Waliszewski, 07 September 2004

    This program renders simple scene which consist of several object rendered with different shaders.

    Associated Files:
  • http://www.shadertech.com/shaders/stsummer04/outerworlds-bin.zip
  • http://www.shadertech.com/shaders/stsummer04/outerworlds-src.zip
  • Realtime Bumpmapping Shader Set - Andreas Halm, 07 September 2004

    Demonstrates a set of shaders that are usable for real-time bumpmapping.

    Associated Files:
  • http://www.shadertech.com/shaders/stsummer04/AndreasHalm-bin.zip
  • http://www.shadertech.com/shaders/stsummer04/AndreasHalm-src.zip
  • Uniform Heterogenous Cloud Cover - Derek Lee Meyers-Graham, 07 September 2004

    The attached vanilla sky demo renders smooth, creamy clouds and sky cover by using a touch of chaos math, linear interpolations, and a triangle color palette.

    Associated Files:
  • http://www.shadertech.com/shaders/stsummer04/DerekMeyersGraham-bin.zip
  • http://www.shadertech.com/shaders/stsummer04/DerekMeyersGraham-src.zip
  • Energy Sphere Over Water - Houlmann Fabien, 07 September 2004

    An energy sphere is flying over water. Two lights are running around and lighting the whole scene.

    Associated Files:
  • http://www.shadertech.com/shaders/stsummer04/Houlmann-Energy-bin.zip
  • http://www.shadertech.com/shaders/stsummer04/Houlmann-Energy-src.zip
  • Fog Inside a Bottle - Joachim Diepstraten, 07 September 2004

    Simulates some mysterious smoke or fog inside a bottle.

    Associated Files:
  • http://www.shadertech.com/shaders/stsummer04/fog_in_bottle-bin.zip
  • http://www.shadertech.com/shaders/stsummer04/fog_in_bottle-src.zip
  • Single Pass Fur Rendering - Gil Damoiseaux, 07 September 2004

    This is a shader to use with FX Composer from Nvidia that render a fur like Surface in a simple pass.

    Associated Files:
  • http://www.shadertech.com/shaders/stsummer04/GilDamoiseaux-bin.zip
  • http://www.shadertech.com/shaders/stsummer04/GilDamoiseaux-src.zip
  • Green Noise - Kaarlo Räihä, 07 September 2004

    Simple living (green) noise, just basic math to create living noise(using time and distance as randomizers) for OpenGL Shader Designer by typhoonlabs.com (GLSL)

    Associated Files:
  • http://www.shadertech.com/shaders/stsummer04/kaarloraiha.zip
  • Opus Demo - Anirudh S Shastry, 07 September 2004

    Scenic shader demo.

    Associated Files:
  • http://www.shadertech.com/shaders/stsummer04/AnirudhSShastry-Opus-bin.rar
  • http://www.shadertech.com/shaders/stsummer04/AnirudhSShastry-Opus-src.rar
  • Parallax Effect - Serge van der Ree, 07 September 2004

    The demo shows a cube consisting of 6 quads, but the shader makes it look like there's another, smaller cube inside.

    Associated Files:
  • http://www.shadertech.com/shaders/stsummer04/SergeVanDerRee-bin.zip
  • http://www.shadertech.com/shaders/stsummer04/SergeVanDerRee-src.zip
  • Plank's Star - Eric Duhon, 07 September 2004

    The goal of this program and its accompanying shaders is to realistically render a star using a physically based model based on Plank's black body radiation equation.

    Associated Files:
  • http://www.shadertech.com/shaders/stsummer04/EricDuhon-bin.zip
  • http://www.shadertech.com/shaders/stsummer04/EricDuhon-src.zip
  • Dual-sided Refraction Simulation - Andrew Khan, 07 September 2004

    Simulates true dual-sided refraction for lenses and similar shapes through the use of a normal cube map and an intersection equation.

    Associated Files:
  • http://www.shadertech.com/shaders/stsummer04/AndrewKhan-bin.zip
  • http://www.shadertech.com/shaders/stsummer04/AndrewKhan-src.zip
  • Refraction in Glass Sphere - Leonardo Boselli, 07 September 2004

    The 'RefractiveSphere.txt' fragment program simulates refraction effects in a glass sphere using ray-tracing techniques.

    Associated Files:
  • http://www.shadertech.com/shaders/stsummer04/LeonardoBoselli-bin.zip
  • http://www.shadertech.com/shaders/stsummer04/LeonardoBoselli-src.zip
  • Real-Time Translucent Global Illumination - IMAGIRE Takashi, 07 September 2004

    This demo shows global-illumination effects by precomputing the SH coefficients of radiance transfer and transmitting lights.

    Associated Files:
  • http://www.shadertech.com/shaders/stsummer04/Imagire-RTTGI-bin.zip
  • http://www.shadertech.com/shaders/stsummer04/Imagire-RTTGI-src.zip
  • Tiles Demo - Sebastian Henriksen, 07 September 2004

    Three different types of materials are combined togther. An effect is used to impose tiles onto the materials.

    Associated Files:
  • http://www.shadertech.com/shaders/stsummer04/Material-SebastianHenriksen-bin.zip
  • http://www.shadertech.com/shaders/stsummer04/Material-SebastianHenriksen-src.zip
  • Tornado - Andre Jaeschke, 07 September 2004

    The technique was developed by the author itself and used to implement a tornado like effect for demonstration.

    Associated Files:
  • http://www.shadertech.com/shaders/stsummer04/Tornado-bin.zip
  • http://www.shadertech.com/shaders/stsummer04/Tornado-src.zip
  • Volumetric Clouds - Jesse Laeuchli, 07 September 2004

    This demo renders volumetric clouds using a 3D fBm fractal, and implict surfaces, which are blended together.

    Associated Files:
  • http://www.shadertech.com/shaders/stsummer04/VolumeClouds.zip
  • http://www.shadertech.com/shaders/stsummer04/VolumeCloudsCode.zip

  • Image Processing & NPR effects
    Soft Shadows - Anirudh S Shastry, 07 September 2004

    This demo presents a novel idea to generate ultra soft-edged shadows.

    Associated Files:
  • http://www.shadertech.com/shaders/stsummer04/AnirudhSShastry-SoftShadows-bin.rar
  • http://www.shadertech.com/shaders/stsummer04/AnirudhSShastry-SoftShadows-src.rar
  • Ascii Art Shader - IMAGIRE Takashi, 07 September 2004

    In this demo, I challenge the ascii art by the method of pattern matching of the rendering image using support of the GPU.

    Associated Files:
  • http://www.shadertech.com/shaders/stsummer04/Imagire-AsciiArt-bin.zip
  • http://www.shadertech.com/shaders/stsummer04/Imagire-AsciiArt-src.zip
  • Transition Effects - Sebastian Henriksen, 07 September 2004

    This demo illustrates various transition effects.

    Associated Files:
  • http://www.shadertech.com/shaders/stsummer04/ImageProcess-SebastianHenriksen-bin.zip
  • http://www.shadertech.com/shaders/stsummer04/ImageProcess-SebastianHenriksen-src.zip
  • Halftone - Christophe C, 07 September 2004

    This app demonstrates halftone shading and smoothly change between halftone and phong shading.

    Associated Files:
  • http://www.shadertech.com/shaders/stsummer04/halftone-bin.zip
  • http://www.shadertech.com/shaders/stsummer04/halftone-src.zip
  • GPU Image Inpainting - Hamilton Chong, 07 September 2004

    Image inpainting refers to the process of changing an image so that an observer seeing the change would not guess that the image was intended to look any other way.

    Associated Files:
  • http://www.shadertech.com/shaders/stsummer04/HamiltonChong-bin.zip
  • http://www.shadertech.com/shaders/stsummer04/HamiltonChong-src.zip
  • Old Camera Postprocessing - Arkadiusz Waliszewski, 07 September 2004

    This effect simulates old film/camera image rendering.

    Associated Files:
  • http://www.shadertech.com/shaders/stsummer04/old-camera-postprocessing-bin.zip
  • http://www.shadertech.com/shaders/stsummer04/old-camera-postprocessing-src.zip
  • Old Film Shader - Michael Wallace, 07 September 2004

    Does post-processing on a scene rendered to a texture, transforming it to appear to being projected from an old fashioned projector circa the early to middle 20th century.

    Associated Files:
  • http://www.shadertech.com/shaders/stsummer04/michael_wallace-bin.zip
  • http://www.shadertech.com/shaders/stsummer04/michael_wallace-src.zip
  • Smart Texture Filtering - Jaewon Jung, 07 September 2004

    This is a smart texture magnification filtering shader program.

    Associated Files:
  • http://www.shadertech.com/shaders/stsummer04/JaewonJung-bin.zip
  • http://www.shadertech.com/shaders/stsummer04/JaewonJung-src.zip
  • Transit - Houlmann Fabien, 07 September 2004

    A time scripted demo showing a room and various cinema-like transition effects.

    Associated Files:
  • http://www.shadertech.com/shaders/stsummer04/Houlmann-Transit-bin.zip
  • http://www.shadertech.com/shaders/stsummer04/Houlmann-Transit-src.zip
  • Virtual VCR - Joachim Diepstraten, 07 September 2004

    This is simulating the effects of an old Analog Video Cassette Record, it simulates the playback mode, the rewind while playback, the forward while playback and the still image.

    Associated Files:
  • http://www.shadertech.com/shaders/stsummer04/virtual_vcr-bin.zip
  • http://www.shadertech.com/shaders/stsummer04/virtual_vcr-src.zip

  • Thinking Outside the Box
    Relief Mapping - Fabio Policarpo, 07 September 2004

    The idea of this shader (called here Relief Mapping) is to implement a better quality Bump Mapping technique similar to Parallax Mapping and Relief Texture Mapping.

    Associated Files:
  • http://www.shadertech.com/shaders/stsummer04/FabioPolicarpo-ReliefMapping-bin.zip
  • http://www.shadertech.com/shaders/stsummer04/FabioPolicarpo-ReliefMapping-src.zip
  • Evolver - Markus Reinhardt, 07 September 2004

    Shader effect evolver.

    Associated Files:
  • http://www.shadertech.com/shaders/stsummer04/evolver-bin.zip
  • http://www.shadertech.com/shaders/stsummer04/evolver-src.zip
  • Planets - Bjarne Fich, 07 September 2004

    To improve the resolution of spheres (planets) a shader is used to raytrace the intersection point of the (planet) sphere and thereby determine the texture pixel to display.

    Associated Files:
  • http://www.shadertech.com/shaders/stsummer04/bjarne_fich-bin.zip
  • http://www.shadertech.com/shaders/stsummer04/bjarne_fich-src.zip
  • Cellular Noise: Crust & Veins - Mark Granger, 07 September 2004

    This shader implements celular noise to generate 3D Crust and Veins. The shader is self anti-aliasing.

    Associated Files:
  • http://www.shadertech.com/shaders/stsummer04/MarkGranger-bin.zip
  • http://www.shadertech.com/shaders/stsummer04/MarkGranger-src.zip
  • GPU Path Finder - Sebastian Henriksen, 07 September 2004

    This demo shows how to find a path from one point to another using the graphics card.

    Associated Files:
  • http://www.shadertech.com/shaders/stsummer04/OutsideTheBox-SebastianHenriksen-bin.zip
  • http://www.shadertech.com/shaders/stsummer04/OutsideTheBox-SebastianHenriksen-src.zip
  • Pathfinding on the GPU - Khanh Phong Ly, 07 September 2004

    User loads a maze(texture files) and drops ants(particles) in the maze. The ants find their way to food(destination cells) left in the maze. Obstacles can be introduced dynamically.

    Associated Files:
  • http://www.shadertech.com/shaders/stsummer04/KhanhPhongLy-bin.zip
  • http://www.shadertech.com/shaders/stsummer04/KhanhPhongLy-src.zip
  • Real-Time Raytracer - Antonin Hildebrand, 07 September 2004

    A "realtime" raytracer for NV38 or NV40.

    Associated Files:
  • http://www.shadertech.com/shaders/stsummer04/hildebrand-rfoce-bin.zip
  • http://www.shadertech.com/shaders/stsummer04/hildebrand-rfoce-src.zip
  • Stream Processing Raytracer - Gabriel Moreno-Fortuny, 07 September 2004

    The stream raytracer is a demo created to test the functionality of a recently released shader library called Sh.

    Associated Files:
  • http://www.shadertech.com/shaders/stsummer04/GabrielMoreno_bin.zip
  • http://www.shadertech.com/shaders/stsummer04/GabrielMoreno_src.zip
  • Discrete Wavelet Transform on GPU - Jianqing Wang, Tien-Tsin Wong, Pheng-Ann Heng, Chi-Sing Leung, 07 September 2004

    A DWT shader that runs on existing GPU hardware.

    Associated Files:
  • http://www.shadertech.com/shaders/stsummer04/JianqingWang-bin.zip
  • http://www.shadertech.com/shaders/stsummer04/JianqingWang-src.zip

  • Welcome to the Shader Triathlon - Summer 2004, a shader programming competition unlike anything you've ever seen! Not only is this a great opportunity to show off your coding skills to the community, but a chance to win some amazing prizes as well! Sound fun? Read on...
  • How does it work?
  • What are the prizes?
  • What are the events?
  • How are entries judged?
  • Terms and conditions

  • How does it work?

    Simple! We've created a series of "event" categories in which you compete by submitting shader effects. You may only submit one entry per event, but you're encouraged to compete in as many events as possible.

    Each event will yield a Gold, Silver, and Bronze winner, and additionally, the scores for each entrant will be added up across all categories to determine the overall Grand Prize winner!

    This competition features three unique events in which to compete, and a ton of great prizes! You can even win prizes in our random drawing just for competing! Are you up to the challenge? The deadline is August 1st, 2004 - so get coding, and tell all your friends!

    Your entries may use any shader languages and APIs you'd like (in accordance with our
    terms and conditions.)

    What are the prizes?

    Are you ready for this? You might want to have a seat, because our contest sponsors are offering some absolutely incredible prizes for you to win!

    For each of the event categories:
  • Gold Prize: NVIDIA Quadro FX 4000 GPU
  • Silver Prize: GeForce FX 5700
  • Bronze Prize: nForce3 motherboard
  • Grand Prize for the combined highest total score across all categories:
    3ds max (courtesy of discreet),
    RT/Shader (courtesy of RTZEN),
    and a GDC 2005 Gigapass (courtesy of the organizers of the Game Developers Conference - March 7th-11th in San Francisco)!
    In addition, all entrants with valid submissions will be entered into a random drawing for the following prizes: 3ds max (courtesy of discreet), RT/Shader (courtesy of RTZEN), and the GPU Gems book (10 copies.)

    That's over $20,000 worth of total prizes available! Please note that you may only win any given type of prize once per contest. For instance, even if you win the Gold placement in three different categories (a remarkable achievement!), you will only receive the corresponding prize once.

    Prizes provided by:

    What are the events?

    The events we've chosen are outlined below:
  • Materials & Environmental Effects - such as fire, water, smoke, weather, trees, grass, marble, wood, reptile skin, plastic, car paint, as well as lighting/shadow effects...

  • Image Processing & NPR effects - such as 2D image processing, transition effects, night-vision, distortions, blurs, post-processing effects, and non-photorealistic rendering...

  • Thinking Outside the Box - unconventional shader techniques, creative new uses, general purpose computation, non-graphical techniques, sorting, ray-tracers, physics, animation, skinning, everything else...
  • If you're unsure of which category your entry will fit under, feel free to
    ask us. In cases where the exact classification of an entry may be in question, we will assign the category that we feel best fits your entry.

    How are entries judged?

    Each entry must consist of either a standalone demo application, or a package which includes: shader file(s) and required assets which load into a publicly, and freely available IDE. In addition, every entry must include a small article explaining what the entry does and how it works. All entries will be tested for compatibility on a Pentium 4-based Windows XP system, with a GeForce 6800 (and the latest graphics drivers.)

    Entries will be judged based on the following criteria, each contributing 20% to the total score for an entry:

  • Creativity - in the construction and implementation of the solution, and how well it fits to the event theme.

  • Technical Proficiency - documentation, code cleanliness, clever tricks, and accompanying article text.

  • Performance - with an emphasis on practical frame rates.

  • Aesthetics - the general look and feel of the demo.

  • Overall Impression - the overall impression of the effect as a complete solution.

    The judges have the final say on all winners. In addition to individuals from ShaderTech and NVIDIA, the following key programmers from the gaming industry will be judging entries in this contest:
  • Kevin Francis - Kevin started programming in 1987, with the express purpose of programming games. He co-founded Boredom, Inc. in 1989, and over 100 humorous little programs were released under that name. A self-taught programmer, Kevin worked in the software industry for 7 years before joining Monolith in 1999. Since then, he has worked on No One Lives Forever, Aliens vs. Predator 2, No One Lives Forever 2, and the upcoming title, F.E.A.R.

  • John O'Rorke - John has been creating games since the age of six and has worked on technology for several titles including No One Lives Forever 2, Tron 2.0, and the upcoming F.E.A.R. Currently he is an engine architect at Monolith Productions.

  • Jay Patel - Jay has been fortunate enough to have been making games his entire adult life. For the last five years he's been with Blizzard Entertainment where worked on WarCraft III Reign of Chaos and its expansion The Frozen Throne. Prior to that he was at Interplay Productions and worked on the 3D accelerated versions of various games including Descent. He is currently working on an unannounced project, but it apparently involves sports cars and sailboats.
  • Many thanks to the above individuals for taking the time to help make this contest great!

    Terms and conditions

    Shader Triathlon – Summer 2004 ("Contest")

  • Employees of ShaderTech.com and prize donors and their respective affiliates, subsidiaries, immediate family members and persons living in their same household are not eligible to participate in the Contest. Participation in the Contest constitutes entrant's full and unconditional agreement to and acceptance of these Official Rules & Regulations ("Official Rules"). VOID WHERE PROHIBITED.

  • Your entry zip file may not exceed 3,145,728 bytes. You may submit entries to participate in as many event categories as you wish, but may only submit one entry per unique event category.

  • The shaders within submissions may be written using any shader language (e.g. HLSL, GLSL, Cg, Assembly), and submissions may use any publicly available high level API (e.g. DirectX, OpenGL.) Your entry may consist of either a standalone demo application, or a package which includes: shader file(s) and required assets which load into a publicly, and freely available IDE. Entries must be for the Windows platform.

  • Contest entries must be submitted as outlined on the submission form. Your entry may be disqualified at our discretion if seen as unfit for this contest for any reason. The online submission form must be completed in English. Materials sent without completing the online form will not be eligible. All entries must be received by 01 August 2004 and 11:59PM EST.

  • Entries will be judged by a panel of judges based on the criteria described on this page. You agree that the organizers will judge the entries, and make all final decisions of winners.

  • Shader source code is submitted under the open license described at:
    http://www.opensource.org/licenses/zlib-license.php. A license.txt file must be submitted along with each entry, in accordance with the aforementioned license.

  • The Entrant agrees to allow accompanying data (models, textures, etc.) to be freely distributable with the demo. Art resources used in an entry must be original or from freely available public sources

  • In the case of original resources, the Entrant can designate whether the accompanying data can be used by others for commercial purposes or not, and must make this designation in a license.txt file that will accompany the submission.

  • The Entrant represents and warrants that the materials are owned by the Entrant free and clear of any liens or claims of any third-party, that the Entrant has a legal right to grant the permission herein given, and the Entrant will indemnify and hold ShaderTech.com, its affiliates, assigns, agents, and employees, harmless from liability and all losses, damages, costs and expenses resulting from any third party action or claim that the use of the materials by ShaderTech.com, its affiliates, assigns, agents, and employees, infringes or violates any intellectual property right or other right of such third party to the materials.

  • Notification of Winners: Winners will be notified by e-mail within five (5) business days of the prize drawing, and may be required to sign and return an affidavit of eligibility and publicity/liability release within seven (7) days of notification. If a selected Winner cannot be contacted, is ineligible, fails to claim a prize and/or where applicable an affidavit of eligibility and publicity/liability release is not timely received, is incomplete or modified, prize may be forfeited and an alternate Winner will be selected from remaining valid, eligible entries timely submitted.

  • Prizes and their values are outlined as follows:
  • For each of the 3 categories, first place prize is an NVIDIA Quadro FX 4000 GPU (MSRP $2195), second place prize is a GeForce FX 5700 (MSRP $131), and third place prize is an nForce3 motherboard (MSRP $91.)

  • The Grand Prize, for the highest score across all categories, is 3ds max (courtesy of discreet, MSRP $3495), RT/Shader (courtesy of RTZEN, MSRP $1995), and a GDC 2005 Gigapass ($1250).

  • All entrants entered into a random drawing for 3ds max (courtesy of discreet, MSRP $3495), RT/Shader (courtesy of RTZEN, MSRP $1995), and GPU Gems (10 books, MSRP $60 each.)

  • Prizes will be sent out when they're available. ShaderTech.com or prize donors will be responsible for fulfillment of the prizes, including shipping of the prize directly to winners. All other expenses not specifically mentioned herein, including applicable income taxes, are the sole responsibility of the winner.

  • Winners are solely responsible for any and all federal, state, provincial and local taxes that apply to prizes. No cash or other substitution of prizes is permitted, except at the sole option of ShaderTech.com, for a prize of equal or greater value. ShaderTech.com will not replace any lost or stolen prizes.

  • Total value of all prizes to be awarded: $20,081 (U.S.).

  • A list of names of all winners will be available upon request by any participant. Contest records will be kept for two years after all prizes are awarded.

  • General Rules: By entering, you agree to be bound by these Official Rules. The Contest is offered and hosted by ShaderTech.com, who is not responsible for late, lost, delayed, damaged, incomplete, illegible, or misdirected entries, responses, or other correspondence, or for theft or destruction or unauthorized access or alterations of entry materials, phone, electrical, network, computer, hardware, software program or transmission malfunctions, failures or difficulties. By participating and winning a prize, Winner releases ShaderTech.com, prize donors, and their respective parents, affiliates, subsidiaries, directors, officers, employees, and agents, including advertising and promotion agencies, from any and all liability with respect to the Contest or the acceptance, possession or use of any prize, including without limitation (i) any condition caused by events beyond the ShaderTech.com’s control that may cause the Contest to be disrupted or corrupted; (ii) any injuries, losses, or damages (compensatory, direct, incidental, consequential or otherwise) of any kind arising in connection with or as a result of the prize, or acceptance, possession, or use of the prize, or from participation in the Contest; and (iii) any printing or typographical errors in any materials associated with the Contest. ShaderTech.com’s decisions in all respects relative to the Contest are final. ShaderTech.com reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to cancel, modify or suspend the Contest in whole or in part, for any reason, but in particular in the event of fraud, technical or other difficulties or if the integrity of the Contest is compromised, without liability to the entrant. ShaderTech.com reserves the right to disqualify any winner, as determined by ShaderTech.com in its sole discretion. The winner is responsible for paying any income taxes on the value of the prize received. Void where prohibited or restricted by law. All federal, state, provincial and local regulations apply.

  • Copyright (C) 2004 ShaderTech.com. All Rights Reserved.
    For questions and comments, e-mail us at web -at- shadertech.com