An Advanced IAP Robotics Competition

MASLab (Mobile Autonomous System Laboratory), also known as 6.186, is a robotics contest open to all MIT students. The contest takes place during MIT's Independent Activities Period and participants earn 6 units of P/F credit and 6 EDPs. Teams of two to four students have less than a month to build and program sophisticated robots which must explore an unknown playing field and perform a series of tasks.

MASLab provides a significantly more difficult robotics problem than many other university-level robotics contests. Although students know the general size, shape, and color of the floors and walls, the students do not know the exact layout of the playing field. In addition, MASLab robots are completely autonomous, or in other words, the robots operate, calculate, and plan without human intervention. Finally, MASLab is one of the few robotics contests in the country to use a vision based robotics problem.

MASLab 2004 Students and Staff


08/09/04 Check out the highlights video for the 2004 contest. The video is available in Windows Media Video [ 9MB | 28MB ] and MPEG2 [ 15MB | 29MB ].
08/02/04 As we prepare for another year, please note our email address has changed!
04/25/04 Find out more details about this past year's teams and robots on the Maslab 2004 Teams page. We are starting to plan for next year's contest, so if you are interested in helping out please contact the maslab staff at .
02/12/04 Be sure to check out the great article recently published in The Tech, MIT's student newspaper [ HTML | PDF ].