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His September 11 comments saying that the attacks on the World Trade Center and Pentagon were a "great day" created a firestorm when they first appeared in "The Hill" on September 12. Read them here

Leroy has a long history of trouble with the law. Read about his arrest for attempting to rape a cleaning lady in a women's restroom, and his subsequent conviction for assault growing out of the incident, here. He has been twice convicted for assault, once in the incident above, and once for kicking a citizen. He served time for both convictions.

On March 1, 2001, the DC Council held a hearing to air citizen complaints about Leroy. Councilmember David Catania described it as "The first time in the 25 year history of ANC's that such a meeting has been called." Read about it here.

Is there a family resemblance? The following item appeared recently in the "Police Blotter" section of the Huntington (WV) News: "Arrested: Leroy J. Thorpe III, 21, of 518 Eighth Ave., on misdemeanor charges of obstructing and public intoxication and on a felony warrant. He was arrested at 2:04 a.m. Saturday in the 1900 block of Wiltshire Boulevard." (source: http://www.huntingtonnews.net/policeblotter/03.11.02.html)

Read about Leroy in the Washington City Paper

Read The 1997 audit of ANC 2C: Lot's of good stuff, including these findings:

"ANC 2C Did Not Maintain Documentation for 94% Of Disbursements Made During the Audit Period"

"For the Audit Period, 82 Percent of Canceled Checks and 70 Percent of Bank Statements Were Missing from ANC 2C's Files"

"ANC 2C Did Not Maintain Minutes of Public Meetings That May Have Reflected Approval of All ANC Disbursements"


Read about Leroy in the Intowner, including the December 2001 Intowner which has a letter from Shaw resident John Fanning with the following recollection:

I was first introduced to Mr. Thorpe in 1990 during the special election for the vacated Ward 2 city council seat. Many will still remember Leroy Thorpe with a bull horn near an elementary school which that day was also the voting place for one of the Shaw precincts. While class was in session he was shouting out over that bull horn not to vote for Jim Zais because “he’s a faggot and Ward 2 doesn’t need any more faggots living in Ward 2 or representing us.”

Leroy's September 11th quote was picked up by the Globe and Mail, which is Canada's most prestigious newspaper (It's owned by the Wall Street Journal, and it's kind of a cross between the Journal and the New York Times) read it here

A letter from Bob Summersgill: GLAA slams Thorpe, intolerant responses to terrorist attack

GLAA President Craig Howell writes Mayor on Thorpe slur

GLAA President Craig Howell calls on ANC 2-C to repudiate Thorpe

A personal note…

This site is sponsored by Nicholas Keenan, a former resident of DC Area Neighborhood Commission ANC 2C, on which Thorpe has "served" as a commissioner for many years. To Keenan, and many others, Thorpe represents the worst in confrontational, divisive, biased and irrational public behavior. This site is maintained in the belief that in simply exposing his background, antics and disgraceful conduct, the good sense of the public will take over and retire him from the ability to cause further damage to our City.

Thorpe is also a bully. In 2003, he filed a frivolous $4.2 million lawsuit based on this web site, alleging that it defamed him and attempting to silence it. Evidently, Thorpe has little respect for the First Amendment right of free political speech. The suit was summarily dismissed. Read about it here

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