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Paragon 2001 was the 52nd Eastercon (British National Science Fiction Convention)
April 13 - 16, 2001

Look out for Paragon2, coming soon to an Easter near you!

The Acme Intelligencer
& Convention Reports

All 8 issues of The Acme Intelligencer (convention newsletter) are reproduced here, in an extended format with added pictures and weblinks.

The originals can be downloaded in pdf format, the correct colour of paper for each issue is detailed below.

If a link is not live, it will be soon, please check back.

Con reports are already coming in. If you have a report you would like to add or link to, please email Paragon website

Go to con reports.

Lively discussion of Paragon and other UK SF fandom stuff can be found on the uk.people.sf-fans newsgroup.

For past postings, check out the newsgroup on Google.

The Acme Intelligencer Issue 1
web version
pdf (print on Gold)

The Acme Intelligencer Issue 2
web version
pdf (print on Bright Blue)

The Acme Intelligencer Issue 3
web version
pdf (print on Canary)

The Acme Intelligencer Issue 4 - Masquerade Special
web version (heavy on the images)
pdf (print on White)

The Acme Intelligencer Issue 5
web version
pdf (print on Deep Blue)

The Acme Intelligencer Issue 6
web version
pdf (print on Pink)

The Acme Intelligencer Issue 7
web version
pdf (print on Lilac)

The Acme Intelligencer Issue 8
web version
pdf (print on Buttercup)

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Lisanne Norman
Michael Scott Rohan

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Con Reports

Arthur Chappell's review including a behind-the-scenes look at 20:01.

Anders Reuterswärd's photo album including Fireworks and the Norwegian room party

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