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Welcome to the Newberry Adventure! The building pace as slowed since Carroll's death in 2001. I guess an event like that has made me try to look into the bigger picture of how this house, my life and the rest of the world all fit together. Trying to get new direction so to speak. I plan to continue with the house and I have plans on a book. I've got a title, it's called "To build a House". What I wish to speak to is this journey Carroll and I started on began with the idea of simply building a place to keep the rain off of our heads and to grow old together. I am still continuing that journey, but have begun discover the many parallels with building one's house and building one's life. When one breaks away from the "standard" building practices of the area, it opens up a new avenues of thinking about one's life.

I am only now beginning to discover some of these new avenues. My goals now are to continue to demonstrate to folks that there are alternative ways to build, to live and to cooperate. It of course is a never ending process with each day bringing new adventures. Perhaps in some small way I can share my experiences to help make the path for those behind me a little less rough. Perhaps.

What I worry about now is that it is harder than ever to build with non mainstream building techniques and I don't think it will be getting easier anytime soon. I work at Habitat for Humanity and have now found out that the majority, something like 90% of our houses are build overseas. Why you ask? Because the cost to build a single house in the U.S. Continues to grow. The cost of permits in my local area has increased 10 times over what it was when I started. In the end I worry that young people will not realize that houses can be built from earth. I spend my time trying to show young people how to live closer to the earth. I now realize that my house, my garden, my chicken pen and my town are all part of one thing. While I have been trained in business and understand the role that money can play in living, I worry that it has gone from being a simple tool, like shovel or saw, to something else. That something else is that it has become for many young folks the single measure of value in life. Yes it has it's place, but it should stay in that place and be used accordingly.

I don't answer email much these days, but you can leave a message at the Henhouse and I'll check there every so often. Too much dang spam. Seems hard to believe that the folks that send out that garbage can make a money from it. Alternatively you can also send a message to and put pkn: in the subject line.

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Right now I'm covering the last bit of dirt floor in the dome. At that point I'll have floors and walls everywhere in the house. I hope to get into painting murals and getting kind of artsy. I now consider the garden as an off shoot of the house. The place had gotten pretty run down after my Carroll died, but I'm slowly bring it back to life. I've got another lady in my life now and I am slowly pulling her into the Newberry adventure.

I don't do workshops or such, but if you are just plain interested let me know and I'll share what small knowledge I have with you. Visits can be arrange and if desired I can show you a few of my building techniques.

Well sit on down a spell and come on a Newberry adventure.

Love and Light

Pat Newberry.
Love and Light
Pat Newberry
Rt. 1 Box 245B Mauk Georgia 31058

P.S. Now for all of you that are scratching your head as to just what in the heck is superadobe? Well it's a building technique developed by Nader Khalili out at Cal-Earth. It uses sandbags and barbed wire as it's building blocks and reinforcement. The soil may be either stabilized or not, depending on the need and conditions. It is packed very much like rammed earth.

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