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© Ship of Fools 2004
  Welcome to Church of Fools, the UK's first web-based, 3D church, which opened as a three-month experiment on May 11th. Church of Fools is an attempt to create holy ground on the net, where people can worship, pray and talk about faith.

The church is partly intended for people on the edges (and beyond) of faith, so please be aware that the language and behaviour in church is often colourful and occasionally offensive. Church of Fools is currently not suitable for children. Please read our house rules, and then click here to enter the church.
  church plan   Church of Fools to go offline
Church of Fools is to close its doors this coming Sunday, 26th September. But the project (and the website and forum) will continue until the church returns. Click here for more.
    Is the church open or closed?
The red or green sign on the left will tell you. The church is only open when there is a warden present, and at service times. Click here to find out why.
  Campolo   Tony Campolo preaches
Leading US Baptist Tony Campolo spoke in Church of Fools on Wednesday 28 July. Read his sermon on why the world is disappointed in America, and join the discussion.
  Mr Warden   Smite Club
They're the ones with their fingers on the smite button, in case of trouble in the pews. We introduce our wardens, by grilling each of them with 15 tricky questions.
  Simon   Walking trees and foolish churches
On the final Sunday of our pilot phase, Simon Jenkins, project leader for Church of Fools, spoke at the online evening service. Read his sermon here.
  Janet Wootton   Missed the sermon?
Missed last week's sermon? Or the week before's? Here they are again, in easy-to-read form, as delivered by our cyber-pulpiteers. Click here to read.